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Do I need PEP if my partner is on ART?

My gay partner has HIV positive and he started taking ART in four months ago. I had sex with him and the condom broke, so I started taking PEP for 28 days. On the 4th day after taking PEP, we had sex again and the condom broke again. I stopped and washed my penis with soap
immediately after. What should I do next? Keep taking PEP or stop taking it?


Hi, how are you?

Do you know your partners viral load? As they have been on treatment for more than 3 months it is likely that their viral load is below 200/undetectable. When this happens it means that it is impossible for HIV to be transmitted, even without a condom. This is known as U=U.

If you are unsure/uncomfortable you can use PrEP. This is a treatment you can take yourself and is used to prevent transmission. You can have sex without a condom and it stops HIV being transmitted.

As you had started PEP after the second condom breaking, you do not need to extend the course. While on PEP it will act as PrEP. This means that any exposure you have while taking PEP you are protected from.

If you are aware that your partner has a viral load below 200/undetectable there is no need to continue taking PEP. There are also other factors that change the risk of transmission and these can be found here.



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