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Why are me and the baby not HIV positive?

I recently learned that my partner is using Acriptega tablets and found out it’s for HIV positive people. We have a 4 week old baby together. I went for regular HIV testing during my pregnancy and every time it was negative. How come me and the baby was not infected?


Hi, how are you doing?

Congratulations on having a baby.

It is great that your partner is on Acriptega. It means they are looking after their health and that HIV is being treated.

When on treatment transmission of HIV is reduced and in some cases it is impossible.

Does your partner know their viral load? If it is below 200/undetectable transmission is impossible, even without using a condom. This is called U=U. It means that when someone has a suppressed viral load and on treatment, there is no risk of passing on HIV.

This would explain why both yourself and your baby are HIV negative. Even with a higher viral load, treatment will still cause some suppression and reduce the risk. Multiple factors effect the likelihood of HIV transmission and this is explained here.



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