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Can I be on PEP and have a baby with my positive partner?

I would like to find out if I am on PEP can I try to have a baby with my HIV positive partner?


Hi, how are you?

PEP is not recommended as long term prevention for HIV transmission. Instead PrEP is used.

PrEP is a combination of 2 drugs, instead of PEP which includes 3. PrEP is used to prevent a risky exposure and prevents transmission of HIV, even without a condom. As PrEP includes fewer drugs it is usually tolerated better by people as having fewer side effects, if any.

Is your partner on medication? If they are using ARVs and have an undetectable viral load there is no risk to you or your baby from getting HIV. This can be explained by U=U, if you are undetectable, you are untransmissable meaning you cannot pass on HIV sexually. There would be no need for you to be on PrEP.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Possibility, if you have taken PEP these results need to be from that date, not the exposure. This means that for your lab test to be conclusive it would need to be six weeks after finishing PEP. This would also mean 12 weeks for the finger prick after finishing PEP. You do not need both tests to confirm.

  2. Possibility

    Had a possible exposure and took pep

    Tested negative using finger prick 11 weeks after possible exposure
    Tested negative in lab 6 weeks after possible exposure

    Can I move on with my life?
    Or still test at 12 weeks?


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