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Do I need to be on PrEP to have sex with my partner?

If my partner has a detectable viral load and we have sex every week, how long do I take PrEP?


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How high is your partners viral load? If their viral load is anything below 200 there is no need for you to be taking PrEP. There is no risk of contracting HIV via sex with someone who is undetectable (VL below 200). U=U explains this further.

Using a condom will prevent HIV transmission, however if this is not suitable daily PrEP would prevent transmission. As you are having sex regularly it would be recommended to have daily PrEP instead of on-demand dosing.

How much PrEP you take in the week depends on the type of sex you are having. Using regular PrEP means you do not to take it everyday, but rather most of the week.

  • Anal sex: a minimum of 4 doses of PrEP each week.
  • Vaginal/front hole: minimum of 6 doses of PrEP each week.

These are only minimum doses and leave no room for forgetting a dose. It is safe to take PrEP 7 days a week. This a guide to PrEP dosing.



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