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Why has my boyfriend not contracted HIV?

Good day, I tested HIV positive 7 years ago and I have never taken any treatment. I still look good and even gaining weight without any treatment. Recently, I gave birth to an HIV negative baby and my boyfriend is also negative. I have done 4 HIV tests and still the result is positive. What could be the reason? And how long will my boyfriend stay HIV negative? We’re so worried.


Hi, how are you doing?

Congratulations on having your child.

Can I ask why you have not started treatment? I understand that you may be feeling well, however HIV can still be having an impact on your health. Have you had recent viral load and CD4 testing?

It is great that both your partner and child have remained negative, though while you are not on medication there is a risk of passing on HIV. Are you breastfeeding? and if so has baby been on any medication for HIV themselves?

Transmission of HIV is not always assured. There are a number of factors that can change the risk of transmission. This can be anything from a persons genetics, how your own body responds to HIV and even luck.

While you are not on medication there is no guarantee that you are not going to pass on HIV. Using a condom will prevent HIV transmission to your partner, but if you are breastfeeding there is nothing to prevent transmission to baby. As you are unsure of your viral load, you cannot be sure that you will not pass on HIV.

It is great that you haven’t yet, though this may be more a matter of luck. Choosing to start medication will mean you can eventually ensure that you are unable to pass on HIV. This not only prevents transmission but will help to keep you healthy by preventing HIV from damaging your immune system.



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