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Can I live with my partner if I am HIV positive?

I am HIV positive and my girlfriend is not.
My CD4 is 600.
Can I marry my girlfriend?
Can we plan a baby?
Can I stay with my family and eat together?
Can I kiss mouth to mouth?


Hi, how are you doing?

Yes. You can do all of these things.

HIV cannot be transmitted by kissing or by living in the same space together. Being HIV positive will not also not impact on your ability to marry. Though some countries do require disclosure to your partner prior to marrying.

Are you on any HIV treatment? If you are and your viral load is below 200, there is no risk of sexually transmitting HIV to your partner. You would not need to use a condom. There would also be no risk to baby if your viral load is suppressed on treatment below 200. This is explained by U=U.



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