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Does my wife need more testing after 40 days?

I’m Dan and HIV+. I’ve been on treatment for 6 years my wife is HIV- and pregnant. She tested (using blood from the vain) 40days after our intercourse that lead to the pregnancy and still HIV- do we still need further HIV testing?


Hi Dan, how are you?

Congratulations on your wife’s pregnancy. As you have been on treatment so long do you know your viral load? If your viral load is below 200 you cannot pass on HIV via sex. This is called U=U. It means that even without condoms/PrEP, it is not possible for you to pass on HIV. There would be no need for your wife to test.

If you have a viral load above 200 it is possible to pass on HIV, though being on treatment does reduce the risk. Do you know the type of test your wife used? The earliest you can have a confirmatory result is with a 4th generation test from 42 days after exposure.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi James, neither of the potential exposures you have mentioned are risks for HIV. HIV cannot be transmitted via fingering or sex when using a condom. Your symptoms are not caused by HIV. Have you mentioned these symptoms to your doctor?

  2. James

    Right now, I have been having pains in my fingers and toes for more than a week since after my typhoid treatment with flagyl and cibaflox and solotone.
    My experience was that I did a fingering on a lady I quite suspected to be positive and 60 days after, I was non reactive on antibody syphilis HIV 1/2combo test. But on December 31st,I had a condom sex that didn’t break. Like 40 hours later, I had typhoid and was treated in the manner described in 1st paragraph above and got well in less than 2 days. But ever since, my fingers and toes nails have been hurting. I’ve noticed up to 14 dots of non itchy normal coloured pimple on pubic/groin area that do not change or increase in size or number. Last Thursday made it 19 days since the protected sex and the combo antibody test was non reactive too. Please why the neuropathy


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