Buying generic medication online in the the UK: PrEP and hepatitis C

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The following links are to recent articles about buying generic medicines online in the UK. 

Cipla generic TDF:FTC graphicBuying medicines online is perfectly legal in the UK. Neither the UK medicines agency (MHRA) nor HM Customs & Excise have concerns with this, so long as it is only for personal use. The agencies do caution about issue of quality, as with buying anything online.

Personal use is defined as up to a three month supply and is to be used by the person buying the meds and not being sold or shared.

One example of why this is relevant for HIV, is that PrEP (tenofovir/FTC) costs £400 for 30 tablets of the brand version (Truvada) but only £50-£100 for generic versions (depending on the supplier).

Cipla generic sofosbuvir graphic

The potential for important generic drugs to treat hepatitis C is also important.

For example, the current price list from hepCAsia shows that the 15 generic companies in India selling sofosbuvir (from four different manufacturers) charge $314 to $399 for 28 tablets. (See link below).

None of these options takes away from the principal that NHS treatment and care in the UK should be available and free to all at the point of care.

The NHS should provide PrEP to all those who need it and new hepatitis C drugs to all that need them.

Links to articles on buying generic drugs

Several Q&A pages about buying generic PrEP.

The IwantPrEPnow site is especially helpful with recommended websites for PrEP.

This clinic includes an option to pay privately for a blood test to check for active level of tenofovir, as a way to confirm an internet supply s genuine.

Prompted by the need for access to sofosbuvir by Australian patients, and the delay in the Australian health system deciding on access, this information was provide by doctors.

It would be helpful if UK doctors could produce similar information.

The community organisation hepcAsia updates an online resource listing generic versions of sofosbuvir in India. Please note that these have not been FDA or WHO prequalifed or approved.


  1. michelle

    Trying to get information on David Cowley. Just to verify if hepc drugs are legit.Anything you can tell me would be helpful.

  2. Simon Collins

    Hi Michelle, I think David runs a closed Facebook discussion page with lots of information. Best way to contact him is probably to send a message to join the group.


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