BHIVA/BASHH 4th Edinburgh 2018

Fourth Joint Conference of BHIVA/BASHH (4th BHIVA/BASHH)

Low PEP and PrEP awareness among trans people in London and their partners

Low awareness of PrEP in BME communities in Leeds but high interest in use

Younger people living with HIV more likely to have a positive self image

Zero or negligible risks of HIV, HBV or HCV transmission by biting or spitting

UK-CAB community representation on guideline panels and research studies

Fourth Joint Conference of BHIVA/BASHH (4th BHIVA/BASHH)

Almost 1 in 8 people with symptoms turned away from sexual health clinics in SE London: 40% are under 25 and 6% under 18 years old

A new framework for best HIV care: BHIVA Standards of Care revised and updated (2018)

Key changes to upcoming UK HIV pregnancy guidelines (2018)

Pregnancy studies at 4th Joint BHIVA/BASHH Conference

Meta-analysis of TAF vs TDF in boosted vs unboosted regimens

Meta-analysis of dolutegravir in naive, experienced and switch studies

Not claptrap: kissing as the strongest route for oral gonorrhoea

Rapid PrEP uptake in Scotland exceeds expectations

Drug cost savings from routine use of generic ARVs: safety and efficacy in practice