HIV 10 Glasgow 2010

10th International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection, 7-–11 November 2010, Glasgow

Virological findings from the SARA trial ofboosted protease inhibitor monotherapy

Nevirapine exposure was not associated with hypersensitivity in patients from Malawi

Estimating the number of people in a country or region with HIV who are undiagnosed and in need of ART

Highpreterm delivery rates associated with initiation of HAART during pregnancy at a London clinic

Minority M184V variants detected in women after receiving 3TC/FTC and LPV/r-containing regimens in pregnancy

The Antiretroviral Pregnancy Registry reports no increased rate of birth defects with atazanavir exposure

Pharmacokinetics of lopinavir/ritonavir incombination with rifampicin based TB treatment in children

Efavirenz versus nevirapine based first linetreatment in a South African cohort

GSK572: 24-week results in treatment-naive and raltegravir-experienced patients

Consensus guidelines recommend routine use of genotypic tropism testing: new focus on maraviroc as a switching option (2010)

UK studies on bone health: increasedfracture rates reported in HIV-positive people

Muscle weakness or pain analysed as possible raltegravir side effect

Adding maraviroc does not boost CD4s inrandomised trial

Switch to twice-daily unboosted atazanavir outdoes switch to once-daily dose

Small but higher rates of AIDS and non-AIDS complications with uncontrolled HIV despite CD4s over 350