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I’ve recently become positive and have questions..

On March this year I tested negative and in June I tested positive. My CD4 count is 446. Can I be infected in two months? How long does HIV take to show up. I’m now taking the med tribuss is that good in my health? It’s difficult for me to me to tell who I’m living with, what should I do? My husband tested but he tested negative and we have unsafe sex.



I’m sorry about your recent diagnosis. Do you have anyone supporting you?

It can be hard telling people about your diagnosis, but it’s up to you to decide who to tell, and when. Perhaps try raising the topic of HIV first and see how they react?

Although you tested negative in March, it’s possible you acquired HIV between March and June and that’s why you tested positive.

Tribuss is a generic form of Atripla. This is a medication commonly used to treat HIV. It is good for your health. Our guide on starting treatment has lots more information.

It is quite normal for one partner to test negative and the other positive. HIV is quite hard to catch. However until your viral load becomes “undetectable” from being on treatment you are at risk of passing on HIV to your husband. You should use condoms until then.


  1. Simon Collins

    Hi Tby, I am sorry that I can’t explain these results. Whatever the reason was, your only choice is to move on and look forwards for your life. Most people never find out how they became HIV positive. In the end, this is usually just through having sex – like anyone else – just that we were unlucky.

    HIV tests sometimes can need a longer window period than 3 months, but I have not heard of this ever being longer than a year. Other possibilities are that either your earlier tests or your husbands current tests are not accurate.

  2. Tby

    I do not understand how one partner can be negative and the other be positive? I was tested negative October last year and in January but in August I tested positive. My husband is negative. There is no explanation to this. I’ve been faithful to my husband and its a daily struggle for me to get an answer on how did I get infected. And exactly how long is a window period? Could it take 2 years after possible exposure before the virus shows up? Someone please help me solve this.