Abacavir/3TC co-formulation available in expanded access

Eating grapefruit triggers statin-related rhabdomyolysis

FDA panel recommends approval of New-Fill

Lipodystrophy regresses in three patients switched to atazanavir

Post partum complications in HIV-positive women

Children’s HIV National Network (CHINN) Review

FDA approves new paediatric dose of nelfinavir

Surgery and HAART are an effective combination for treating HPV-associated lesions

Postexposure prophylaxis does not lead to an increase in high-risk behaviour

Law would permit HIV-positive organ donation

A guide to applying to the Global Fund is released

Conference reports

Online medical training

Newletters and journals

Volume 5 Number 4 May 2004 PDF

Treatment with generics: tolerability, safety and resistance

Volume 5 number 3 April 2004

Risk factors for severe, life-threatening and fatal hepatotoxicity with nevirapine

11th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI)

Drug levels can persist for more than two weeks after stopping efavirenz

Race affects absorption and clearance of efavirenz

Triple PI interactions: atazanavir increases saquinavir levels in ritonavir-boosted once-daily combination

Triple PI interactions: fosamprenavir and Kaletra interaction is difficult to overcome

Ribavirin (RBV) does not alter intracellular levels of AZT, 3TC or d4T

COLATE study shows no clinical benefit from continuing 3TC to maintain M184V mutation

Studies of new pipeline drugs

Little benefit seen for treatment during acute infection

Summary of resistance studies at Retrovirus

Update on peripheral neuropathy in HIV-infection

Smoking marijuana provides analgesic effect on HIV neuropathy

Two D:A:D updates: cardiovascular risk from HAART, and predictors of hypertension and changes in blood pressure

Low-dose rHGH maintains reductions in abdominal fat for 60 weeks

Rosiglitazone shows no benefit for lipoatrophy

Hypertension related to HAART in HIV-positive women

Testosterone therapy for women with low androgen levels or body weight

Nevirapine, pregnancy and adverse events

Prior nevirapine exposure for pregnant women can contribute to treatment failure

Conflicting findings with HAART use in pregnancy and prematurity

Antiretrovirals, mode of delivery and transmission risk

Tenofovir studies in children

Increase of non-AIDS defining cancers in HOPS cohort

HIV/HCV coinfection: superiority of pegylated interferon plus ribavirin, but lower response rate compared to mono-infected patients, especially for genotype-1

Epoetin-alfa improves interferon/ribavirin-associated anaemia

Gilead discontinues DAPD development

International community meeting on drug pricing

Global Fund halts $92 million grant for Ukraine after problems

Global Fund says it needs $5 billion during 2004-2005

South African minister of health in line to chair Global Fund

Thai ddI patent case serves as example to other developing countries, Lancet viewpoint piece says

UK gives £3 million to WHO’s ‘3 by 5’ treatment goal

International panel issues new guidelines for the care of HIV-HCV coinfected patients

NICE approves pegylated interferon plus ribavirin in UK

New HIV cases in England and Wales increase by 20% in past year

Micronutrient supplements may enhance survival; research has implications for poor countries

Durex withdraws N-9 condoms

Medical resources

Volume 5 Number 3 April 2004 PDF

Volume 5 Number 1/2 February/March 2004

Abbott raises price of ritonavir in the US by over 400%

Development of T-1249 put on hold

Tenofovir/abacavir/3TC triple-nuke fails as maintenance regimen

New data on viral load ‘blips’ and the link to replication

Invirase and Fortovase: new dosing regimens approved by FDA

UK named-patient access to tipranavir

FDA labelling changes for indinavir (Crixivan)

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