World AIDS 15 Bangkok 2004

XV International World AIDS Conference, 11-16 July 2004, Bangkok

Women and HIV: research directions

The X4 files: sampling the science on HIV co-receptors in Bangkok

XV International World AIDS Conference, 11-16 July 2004, Bangkok

Dollars, commerce, politics and prejudice all present obstacles to scaling up access to treatment in resource poor countries

MTCT programmes in South Africa: nevirapine and the minister

Urgency of global access to ARV treatment for IV drug users

Replace myths with evidence–based policies on IV drug use

Adding Combivir to single dose nevirapine for reduction of MTCT significantly reduces resistance

Lopinavir/r levels reduced during pregnancy

Another chance for 3TC in patients with M184V mutation?

Kaletra monotherapy: small studies and early data

Lowering dose of d4T can maintain efficacy and reduce side effects

Three-year renal safety with tenofovir; cystatin may be a useful marker

Fluconazole increases nevirapine levels and risk of serious hepatotoxicity

Efavirenz interaction with rifampin may not require dose adjustment in patients with low body weight

Tipranavir significantly lowers doses of saquinavir, amprenavir and lopinavir/r

Responses to hepatitis vaccinations: an optimum window for protection?

HBV vaccine, CD4 count and increasing response with double-dose

Response to Hepatitis A (HAV) vaccine determined by CD4 count

Inventive ways to explain HAART and adherence to children

Isoniazid has early and unexpected benefit in reducing childhood mortality

Lack of keratin overlaying inner foreskin may explain lower HIV infection rates in circumcised men