EACS 16 Milan 2017

16th European AIDS Conference (EACS 2017)

Fostemsavir in highly treatment-experienced participants: 24-week phase 3 results

D/C/F/TAF: phase 3 naive results and splitting PI-based FDC tablets

Dolutegravir-based dual therapy as switch option in multiple studies

Switch study shows F/TAF non-inferior to continuing abacavir/3TC

Twice-daily tenofovir alafenamide dose might overcome interaction with rifampicin

No impact on bioavailability of D/C/F/TAF when tablet is split but TAF absorption is reduced if crushed

Studies on dolutegravir and sleep, cardiovascular and CNS side effects, and risk of IRIS

Dolutegravir use in pregnancy: results from small Belgian cohort

No transmissions from breastfeeding in Tanzania cohort from mothers with undetectable viral load

Updated European guidelines launched at EACS 2017

ABX464 nudges viral reservoir but not time to viral rebound