Hepatitis coinfection

FDA supplemental information about using boceprevir and telaprevir

The hepatitis C treatment pipeline

First results from telaprevir in HIV/HCV coinfection

Hepatitis B drugs in development

Hepatitis C treatment pipeline

Route of HCV transmission in HIV-positive gay men is unlikely to be from semen

Hepatitis studies: IL28B genetics, HCV survival, FibroScan in acute HCV, MSM reinfection and responses to transplantation

The HCV pipeline – efficacy and side effect of compounds in Phase 3 studies

HBV resistance to lamivudine at undetectable and low levels of viremia

HIV and hepatitis coinfection guidelines (2009): online for comment

Use of fibroscan as non-invasive alternative to liver biopsy in HCV/HIV coinfection

UK cohort reports sexual HCV reinfection in at least 5% HIV-positive gay men following sustained response to treatment

MELD score predictive of pre-transplant mortality in HCV coinfected patients

Does abacavir decrease SVR rates with HCV treatment?

No effect of interferon maintenance therapy on fibrosis progression in non-responders

Comparative study of pegylated interferon formulations in HCV monotherapy

Risk of antibody negative HCV infection in four US HIV cohorts: risk linked to IDU, elevated ALT and low CD4 count

HBV or HCV coinfection produced higher risk from treatment interruptions: drug holidays and hepatitis don’t mix

BMS issue Dear Doctor letter about risk of entecavir in HIV/HBV coinfection

Low rates of HCV treatment among eligible injection drug users

Effect of HCV and HIV on mortality among injecting drug users

HCV/HIV-co-infected IDUs are at increased risk of death from hepatitis-related death in the HAART era, compared with HCV-mono-IDUs

Schering’s pegylated interferon approved for treating hepatitis C in HIV coinfected patients

Sexual transmission of HCV in Brighton reported in HIV positive and HIV negative MSM

Hepatitis B drug entecavir reported to have anti-HIV viral activity in three patients

Increased prevalence of cardiovascular disease among HIV-positive individuals coinfected with hepatitis C

Higher doses of ribavirin increases response rate to HCV treatment in coinfected patients: results from PRESCO study

NNRTI levels high in HCV co-Infected patients with cirrhosis

Nucleoside inhibitor MK-0608 mediates suppression of HCV replication for >30 days in chronically infected chimpanzees

Efficacy of treatment of acute hepatiitis C in patients with HIV infection

HIV/HCV coinfection: re-treating hepatitis C in people coinfected with HIV

Sexual transmission of hepatitis C in HIV-positive men in the UK

One third of HIV/HCV coinfected patients with normal ALT have advanced fibrosis in Spanish cohort

Low HIV viral load linked to hepatitis B vaccination response

HPA releases HCV report without mentioning sexual transmission among HIV-positive gay men

Management of hepatitis C and B in HIV-coinfected individuals: an overview of studies presented at the 3rd IAS Conference

EMEA statement on use of antiretroviral treatment in HIV-patients with hepatic impairment and/or HBV/HCV co-infection

HIV/HCV coinfection – part 1

Sexual transmission and response to treatment in acute HCV infection in HIV-positive gay men coinfected with HIV

UK guidelines for liver transplant in HIV-positive patients

Sexual HCV reinfection of HIV-positive gay man while receiving PEG-interferon plus ribavirin

First European recommendations for the treatment of patients co-infected with HIV and HBV/HCV

Entecavir is effective against 3TC-resistant hepatitis B

Tenofovir is non-inferior to adefovir for the treatment of hepatitis B in HBV-HIV co-infected patients

Pegasys approved for HIV/hepatitis C coinfection in Europe and US

Pegasys approved in Europea for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B

HCV coinfection linked to discontinuing ART due to toxicity

Updated UK guidelines for HIV and hepatitis coinfection (2005)

Interferon plus 3TC for people with HIV/HBV coinfection

BHIVA audit on management of HIV/Hepatitis coinfection

3TC resistance leads to hepatitis B flare

Sight changes reported with PEG-interferon

BMS submits marketing applications for entecavir to treat HBV in US and Europe

Responses to hepatitis vaccinations: an optimum window for protection?

HBV vaccine, CD4 count and increasing response with double-dose

Response to Hepatitis A (HAV) vaccine determined by CD4 count

Chiron relaxes patent licences for hepatitis C

The 39th Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of the Liver (39th EASL)

Tenofovir blocks viral replication in HBV monoinfected and in HIV-HBV coinfected patients with lamivudine resistance

Compared to Caucasians, Africans have significantly higher rates of fibrosis and cirrhosis despite lower levels of HBV replication

Undetectable HIV viral load in HIV-HCV coinfected patients slows liver fibrosis progression rate

Ribavirin (RBV) does not alter intracellular levels of AZT, 3TC or d4T

HIV/HCV coinfection: superiority of pegylated interferon plus ribavirin, but lower response rate compared to mono-infected patients, especially for genotype-1

Epoetin-alfa improves interferon/ribavirin-associated anaemia

International panel issues new guidelines for the care of HIV-HCV coinfected patients

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