Lipodystrophy syndrome and self-assessment of wellbeing and physical appearance in HIV-positive patients

Multivitamins limit HIV transmission through breastfeeding for some women

Lymphoma in the setting of HIV disease

Mitochondrial toxicity in HAART

Mechanisms of T-cell depletion and repletion in HIV disease

HAART interruption strategies: how, when & why?

HIV/AIDS related Spanish language sites, from thirteen different countries.

New treatment information from Visionary Health Concepts

The Guide to Lipodystrophy in HIV


Fat in the blood

Current status of ARV treatment interruption and intermittent therapy strategies

Pathogenesis and epidemiology of metabolic abnormalities

Management of morphologic changes during antiretroviral therapy: insights from etiology

Entry inhibitors

Mitochondrial toxicity

HIV medicine after the Barcelona conference: interview with Howard Grossman MD

Once-daily antiretroviral options

Volume 3 Number 9 November 2002 PDF

Excitement over anticipated approval of T-20 is balanced by fears that it will be the most expensive HIV drug yet

GlaxoSmithKline cuts drug prices to 63 countries

Integrase inhibitors enter trials in human volunteers

US HIV community hold productive meeting with Schering-Plough on new anti-HIV entry inhibitors SCH-C and SCH-D

Notes on Schering-Plough/HIV community meeting held August 28 2002

US FDA announces important changes in amprenavir product labelling

Antiretrovirals could stop HIV epidemic – optimism or realism?

Much lower dose of lamivudine needed for HIV-positive patients on dialysis

M184V is associated with decreased development of TAMs

Patients discontinuing HAART must be carefully monitored

Antiretrovirals have neurologic benefits in children

Early data highlight ribavirin’s anti-adenovirus potential

Updated recommendations for use of antiretroviral drugs in pregnant HIV-1-infected women for maternal health and interventions to reduce perinatal HIV-1 transmission in the United States

St John’s Wort interferes with chemotherapy, study shows

Dutch researchers theorise chimpanzees may have survived AIDS epidemic two million years ago

Majority of HIV patients in San Francisco study use alternative medicines

Early data find HIV patients do well with organ transplants

Thai charity ditches V-1 Immunitor

ABC of psychological medicine: fatigue

Initial antiretroviral therapy: further insights on when to start and what to use

Antiretroviral therapy in treatment-experienced patients

Update on lipodystrophy…or is it just lipoatrophy?

Opportunistic infections and coinfections: focus on fungi and hepatitis

XI International HIV Drug Resistance Workshop: basic principles and clinical implications; Seville, Spain July 2-5, 2002

Time for T

CD4 cell depletion in AIDS: models for novel therapies

FRAM study and lipodystrophy: lipodystrophy study presented at Barcelona and an interview with the study author Carl Grunfeld

Volume 3 Number 8 October 2002 PDF

XI International HIV Drug Resistance Workshop, Seville, 2-5 July, 2002

Short resistance reports from Seville

New anti-HIV compounds discussed at the Seville HIV Drug Resistance Workshop and the Barcelona World AIDS Conference

Review of phenotypic resistance testing data presented at the XI International HIV Drug Resistance Workshop

XIV International AIDS Conference Barcelona, 7-12 July 2002

Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela promise to lead peer education among political leaders as world looks for $10 billion a year to fight HIV/AIDS

South African activist unveils campaign to force compulsory licences

MSF study shows treatment in resource-poor settings is effective

‘Barcelona Declaration’ demands 2m poor people are treated in the next two years

Lives were lost as experts argued the merits of care versus prevention, says Stefano Vella

Peter Piot sets out the global political agenda in the fight against HIV/AIDS

Health should be a right, not a commodity, and medicine must be removed from the World Trade Organisation, argues key speaker

Governments must act to cut drug prices, says Kenya’s health minister

Civil society had to fight for universal access to AIDS drugs in Brazil

Coalitions of local NGOs can effectively demand access to medicines, reports MSF

Involvement of PLWHA is key to improving access to treatments

ART can successfully tackle advanced disease in resource poor settings, reports MSF

Investment in treatment and care significantly reduces company health and social expenditure in Abidjan

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