CROI 30 (Retrovirus) 2023

Breakthrough HIV infection on PrEP with injectable cabotegravir

30th CROI (CROI 2023): final reports

Viral reservoir increases on long-term ART: new strategies for a cure

Microbiota biomarkers might predict risk of HSIL progression: succinyl-CoA and cobalamin

CROI overviews by BHIVA and IAS-USA

30th CROI (CROI 2023): further reports

Implications of restrictions on reproductive rights for HIV care in the USA and beyond

30th Conference on Retroviruses and OIs (CROI 2023): first reports

CROI 2023: Pipeline HIV drugs and formulations for treatment and PrEP

CROI 2023: Six-monthly ART – lenacapavir + dual bNAbs maintains undetectable viral load for 26 weeks after single doses

CROI 2023: Other lenacapavir studies – experienced and naive updates, the dosing window, HIV-2 and PrEP

CROI 2023: Similar PK profile for thigh vs gluteal CAB/RPV-LA injections: accidental intravenous injection

CROI 2023: Efficacy of N6LS monotherapy correlated with baseline factors

CROI 2023: CAB/RPV-LA levels are not reduced after switching from efavirenz

CROI 2023: Yet more evidence for recycled tenofovir and 3TC or FTC with dolutegravir in second-line: 48 week results from the D2EFT study

CROI 2023: Point-of-care testing for mothers and infants: results from the LIFE study

CROI 2023: Single dose doxycycline as PEP for STIs (DoxyPEP): five studies

CROI 2023: Severe mpox outcomes with a low CD4 count and detectable viral load: a new AIDS-defining condition?