Fifth International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection, 22-26 October 2000, Glasgow, UK

Treatment strategies in 2000: planning first-line (and therefore, second-line) therapy

When should HAART be started?

MDR resistance transmission increases in the UK

Interferon-gamma treatment in azole-resistant oropharyngeal candidiasis

Further reports of avascular necrosis (AVN) and changes in bone mineral density (BMD)

Clinical issues arising from a single treatment interruption

A review of new anti-HIV drugs in development

Antiretroviral therapy in children, women and intravenous drug users

Treatment of HIV+ subjects co-infected with hepatitis B or C: safety and efficacy comparison of ABT 378/r versus nelfinavir from a phase III blinded randomised clinical trial

Interferon-alpha and ribavarin therapy for hepatitis C in HIV coinfected patients

Lack of significant viral load alterations of hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) during treatment with interleukin-2 and HAART

Child protection issues around starting efavirenz in a mother on maintenance methadone

Structured treatment interruptions

Adherence and HAART: unique approaches to evaluating and improving adherence discussed

Importance of intensive adherence support for patients with HIV-related neurological symptoms

Reports on lipodystrophy and metabolic complications

Opportunistic infections in the HAART era

FDA meeting on approving immune therapies: background and comment

Adverse effects of antiretroviral therapy

Antiretrovirals do not independently affect T-cell count in HIV negative subjects

Zidovudine-didanosine coexposure potentiates DNA incorporation of zidovudine and mutagenesis in human cells

HLA-DR integrates with HIV-1 at chronic disease stage, may raise infectivity

Women initiate highly active antiretroviral therapy later than men

Efavirenz side effects become long-term for over one in three

ABT-378/r oral formulation available in UK

Trimeris, Roche to begin phase III pivotal trials of T-20 HIV fusion inhibitor

Association of vitamin A deficiency With cervical squamous intraepithelial lesions in HIV-positive women

HIV seroprevalence by anonymous testing in patients with mycobacterium tuberculosis and in tuberculosis contacts

HIV-1 Immunogen fails to extend HIV progression-free survival

Immune Response Corporation tried to block report on failure of Remune

AIDS-related lymphoma

Volume 1 Number 8 November / December 2000 PDF

2nd International Workshop on Adverse Drug Reactions and Lipodystrophy, Toronto, Canada, 13-15 September 2000

Lipodystrophy: the current state of play

Metabolic effects – bone density and avascular necrosis

Lipoatrophy and facial wasting

Lactic acidosis

Lipodystrophy and metabolic changes in children

40th Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Toronto, Canada, 17-20 September 2000

Mitochondrial toxicity reports

Treatment interruption and salvage therapy

Are gender-related differences in viral load present in infants and children?

Immune reconstitution in children treated with HAART is independent of age

Pharmacokinetics in children and infants

Opportunistic illness and viral hepatitis co-infection

United States FDA approves Kaletra for HIV infection

Study shows immune system can control HIV: early antiviral treatment primes the immune system to suppress viral levels without drugs

Enhancement of HIV type 1-specific CD4 and CD8 T cell responses in chronically infected persons after temporary treatment interruption

Human IL-12 may augment HIV-specific immunity in HIV-positive patients

United Kingdom authorities clear AIDS vaccine for human testing

Highly active antiretroviral therapy should continue even if immune restoration syndrome develops

Crystalluria common in HIV-positive patients using indinavir

Volume 1 Number 7 October 2000 PDF

Abacavir hypersensitivity cases following an interruption of therapy

Videx EC (ddI, didanosine) – food restrictions

Structured treatment interruptions and treatment intensification

Importance of protease inhibitor plasma levels in patients treated with genotypic-guided therapy

Scrub typhus: infection reduces viral load in some patients

Duration of incubation affects subsequent rate of HIV disease progression

Population of HIV-targeted CD8 cells fluctuates with viral load during chronic infection

Murabutide inhibits HIV replication in macrophages and dendritic cells

Adverse effects of perinatal zidovudine exposure on HIV-infected infants

Early cognitive and motor developmental delays in HIV-infected infants

Topical cidofovir clears severe molluscum contagiosum in children with AIDS

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