Volume 7 Number 11/12 November/December 2006

BHIVA Autumn conference, 13-14 October 2006, London

New i-Base book: Why we must provide HIV treatment information

Causes of death in the UK: results from BHIVA audit

8th International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection, 12-16 November 2006, Glasgow

Higher doses of ribavirin increases response rate to HCV treatment in coinfected patients: results from PRESCO study

NNRTI levels high in HCV co-Infected patients with cirrhosis

Viral load blips in children from the CHIPS cohort

Multi-drug resistance in vertically infected children

Wide disparity in switch to second-line therapy among children in CHIPS cohort

Explanation for failure of TMC-125 (etravirine) in TMC227 study

Saquinavir/r vs lopinavir/r: interim results from the Gemini study

d4T associated with significantly increased risk of type-2 diabetes mellitus

Drug interactions with darunavir (TMC-114)

Drug interactions with etravirine (TMC-125)

Switching from PIs to NNRTIs has similar effect on TC/HDL ratio as use of lipid lowering drugs in the management of dyslipidaemia

Community meeting on criminalisation of HIV transmission: jailing people for passing on HIV may threaten public health

TMC 114 recommended for conditional approval in Europe

Atazanavir 300mg capsule approved in US

Clinton price for new paediatric treatment

Indian generic heat-stable ritonavir

Generic FDC of efavirenz/tenofovir/FTC launched by Cipla

Compulsory license for efavirenz in Thailand

WHO EURO releases European clinical protocols for HIV/AIDS care and the report of the consultation on criminalisation of HIV/AIDS (2006)

US adult treatment guidelines updated (Oct 2006)

US perinatal guidelines updated (2006)

US guidelines for the use of antiretroviral agents in paediatric HIV infection revised (2006)

HIV and poverty in the UK

PRN notebook –October 2006

HIV inSite updates

Management of metabolic and morphologic sequelae of HIV

IAPAC European Sessions 2006

IAVI Vax news

Volume 7 Number 11/12 November/December 2006 PDF

Volume 7 Number 10 October 2006

New i-Base Book: Why we must provide HIV treatment information

8th International Workshop on Adverse Drug Reactions and Lipodystrophy in HIV, 23-26 September 2006, San Francisco

The role of the metabolic syndrome in HIV

Effect of lifestyle modification on risk factors for cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome

Pioglitazone reduces peripheral lipoatrophy and improves adipokines without reducing visceral fat

Leptin reduces visceral abdominal tissue (VAT) without reducing limb fat

Adipose tissue morphology improved after treatment discontinuation

Incidence of lipodystrophy in Rwanda

46th Interscience Conference on Antiretroviral Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC), 27-30 September 2006, San Francisco

MK-0518 demonstrates potent efficacy in patients with triple-class resistant virus: 24 week results

Lipid profile of integrase inhibitor MK-0518: 24 week results compared to efavirenz in treatment naive patients

Cell studies predict cross-resistance among integrase inhibitors

HIV may use different coreceptors in blood and brain

Critical interactions between darunavir (TMC114), lopinavir, Viagra, and oral contraceptives

NRTI elvucitabine active against HIV in a 7-day monotherapy study

Efavirenz/tenofovir fails as 2-drug maintenance regimen

Nucleoside inhibitor MK-0608 mediates suppression of HCV replication for >30 days in chronically infected chimpanzees

Report from the 10th Annual UK Resistance Meeting, 21 September 2006, London

Further reports from XVI International AIDS Conference, 13-18 August 2006, Toronto, Canada

Prevalence and predictors of squamous intraepithelial lesions of the cervix in HIV positive women in Lusaka, Zambia

Effect of herpes simplex therapy on genital and plasma HIV viral load

Maternal health and prevention of mother to child transmission

18-month effectiveness of short-course perinatal antiretroviral regimens combined to infant-feeding interventions for PMTCT in DITRAME PLUS ANRS 1201/1202 2001-2005

HIV prevalence rates amongst 6 week old infants in South Africa: the case for universal screening at immunisation clinics

Maternal illness during pregnancy is associated with In utero mother to child transmission

Extensively drug resistant TB (XTB) in South Africa

Early access programme for MK-0518 integrase inhibitor

Etravirine (TMC-125) available on named patient programme in the UK

Fixed dose combination (FDC) of tenofovir/FTC/efavirenz (Atripla) filed in EU

Tipranavir available in Scotland – almost one year after EU approval

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