Continuous vs intermittent treatment with triple nuke combination of AZT/3TC/tenofovir in Africa: early results from DART study

Global Fund commitment to $175M annually in 2006, 2007

UK treatment guidelines online (2005)

EMEA statement on metabolic and cardiovascular complications of antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected patients

EMEA statement on use of antiretroviral treatment in HIV-patients with hepatic impairment and/or HBV/HCV co-infection

US Preventative Services Task Force recommends screening all pregnant women for HIV

Volume 6 Number 9 September 2005 PDF

Volume 6 Number 8 August 2005

3rd IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis and Treatment, 24-27 July 2005, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Keystone vaccine symposia 2005: vaccines, pathogenesis, snow and a couple of elk

HIV/HCV coinfection – part 1

Forty injured, ten shot at peaceful protest to demand treatment in South Africa

FDA approve additional Indian generics

Medical innovation and patent gridlock

US adult guidelines updated – July 2005

FDA filing of T-20 sNDA for administration with a needle-free injection device

New study urges caution over widespread criminalisation of HIV transmission

Canada changes visa process for HIV-positive visitors – an example for the US?

Medscape full text articles

Volume 6 Number 8/9 August 2005 PDF

Volume 6 Number 7 July 2005

14th International HIV Drug Resistance Workshop (14th IHDRW), 7-11 June 2005, Quebec City, Canada

Genetic factors affecting HIV infection and progression rates: immunological factors relating to entry inhibitors

Resistance during MTCT strategies: new data on protective benefit of Combivir added to single-dose nevirapine, and impact of treatment and breastfeeding on the infant

Reduced replicative capacity of M184V explains benefit of 3TC monotherapy compared to stopping all drugs

Interaction between tenofovir and ddI in triple-nucleoside combinations: role of M184V in explaining resistance on failure

Predicting clinical responses to ddI from genotypic resistance

Under-detection of transmission of transmitted resistance and impact on treatment response

Risk of death in UK after diagnosis of 3-class resistance

Six Indian generic ARVs are given FDA tentative approval

Methadone and buprenorphine added to WHO list of essential medicines

MSF’s pricing guide to purchasing ARVs: 8th edition online

WHO 3 by 5 progress report

TMC-114 to be submitted for registration based on Phase 2b trial results: expanded access expected in UK in Autumn 2005

Tipranavir (Aptivus) approved in US

FDA fast track designation for CCR5 inhibitor vicriviroc (SCH-D)

Pfizer discontinues development of capravirine

Use of T-20 in pregnancy: case study shows transmission occurred in highly treatment experienced mother with multiple-drug resistance

Further reading on nevirapine resistance

Human Papilloma Virus vaccines – a review of advances in the development of HPV vaccines

CDC estimate over 1 million HIV-positive people in US

Newly diagnosed HIV infection – review in UK and Ireland

Re-emergence of syphilis in the UK: the new epidemic phases

Prescription of heroin is less costly for society

Medscape full text articles

HIV inSite Knowledge Base

Volume 6 Number 7 July 2005 PDF

Volume 6 Number 6 June 2005

11th BHIVA and BASSH joint annual conference, 22-25 April 2005, Dublin

Long-awaited UK pregnancy guidelines now updated; pregnancy studies in Dublin

Underdosing of ARVs in children: results from CHIPS cohort

Sexual transmission and response to treatment in acute HCV infection in HIV-positive gay men coinfected with HIV

Levels of efavirenz 10-fold above minimum target level despite coadministration with rifampicin

Schistosomiasis after immune reconstitution: symptoms appear as HAART side effects

6th International Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology of HIV Therapy, 28-30 April 2005, Quebec, Canada

Effect of age/menopause on lopinavir and efavirenz concentrations in women

Effect of age on lopinavir concentrations

Gender and pharmacokinetics of saquinavir

Dosing nevirapine in children

Intracellular NRTI-triphosphate levels in children are similar to adults

Efavirenz and rifampicin: lower body weight associated with higher concentrations

Summary of drug-drug interaction studies

Responses to atazanavir, Kaletra and side effects

MSF criticises Brazilian government for failing to break antiretroviral patents

Russian activists imprisoned for asking for treatment – letters of support requested

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