500mg saquinavir (Invirase) approved in Europe

Roche to withdraw saquinavir soft gel caps (Fortovase)

FDA approve lopinavir/r once daily for treatment naive patients

Safety data for tenofovir updated

FDA approve entecavir for HBV

Efavirenz warning in pregnancy strengthened

New ritonavir interactions

FDA advisory committee recommends approval for tipranavir – material from hearing online

US adult treatment guidelines updated (2005)

Application for meltrex formulation of Kaletra submitted to the FDA

TAC electronic newsletter

Articles from AIDS Treatment News

AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition (AVAC) publishes new AIDS Vaccine Handbook

WHO lists reliable web sites on vaccines

Volume 6 Number 6 June 2005 PDF

Volume 6 Number 5 May 2005

3rd European HIV Drug Resistance Workshop, 30 March-1 April 2005, Athens

Tenofovir, nucleosides, and non-nucleosides

Protease inhibitors

CCR5 antagonists

Paediatric reports from 12th Conference on Retrovirus and Opportunistic Infections (CROI)

Once-daily lopinavir/ritonavir for children may offer advantages

Lopinavir/ritonavir for young infants

Paediatric dose finding atazanavir and atazanavir/ritonavir

Switching d4T to tenofovir and protease inhibitor to efavirenz

40th European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL)

Millions in Global Fund grants go unused: Indian government bureaucracies kill off people living with AIDS

Draft BHIVA treatment guidelines online for comment

US guidelines on paediatric care updated (March 2005)

UK guidelines for liver transplant in HIV-positive patients

Sexual HCV reinfection of HIV-positive gay man while receiving PEG-interferon plus ribavirin

First European recommendations for the treatment of patients co-infected with HIV and HBV/HCV

Newly acquired HIV infections are key to transmission

Calls to i-Base phoneline now free from Orange mobile networks

Request for overseas volunteers

Community impact of New York case of HIV infection with multidrug-resistant dual-tropic HIV-1 and rapid progression to AIDS

Integration of buprenorphine into primary HIV care

HIV inSite Knowledge Base

Lymphogranuloma venereum – an overview: update on UK cases of LGV

Volume 6 Number 5 May 2005 PDF

Volume 6 Number 4 April 2005

Drug-induced hepatitis in healthy volunteers receiving rifampicin 600mg daily in combination with ritonavir 100mg and saquinavir 1000mg twice daily (boosted saquinavir)

New European recommendations regarding the co-administration of ddI (Videx) and tenofovir DF (Viread)

12th Conference on Retrovirus and Opportunistic Infections, 22-25 February, Boston, 2005

Developments in nevirapine use in MTCT reduction

Mashi study – late breakers on breastfeeding

Maternal health and infant mortality

Paediatric care in lower income settings

Tenofovir not linked to bone toxicity in children followed for one year

Gut memory CD4 T cells implicated in a central role for HIV disease pathology: dramatic impact prior to seroconversion

Case of multi-drug resistant (MDR) rapid progressor

Case report of antibody reversion and negative viral load four-years after treatment discontinuation

24-week efficacy of TMC114 in PI-experienced patients

Maturation inhibitor shows anti-HIV activity in single dose pilot study

New antiretrovirals at 12th CROI

Absolute risk is modest, but cumulative cardiovascular risk of HAART over five years is similar to ‘ever smoked’: new data on gender and age

Omega-3 supplement effective to reduce triglycerides

Entecavir is effective against 3TC-resistant hepatitis B

Switch to tenofovir from AZT or d4T improves fat loss and improves lipid parameters compared to abacavir

Continued use of a thymidine analogue may limit benefit from rosiglitazone when used to treat lipoatrophy

Tenofovir is non-inferior to adefovir for the treatment of hepatitis B in HBV-HIV co-infected patients

Demand for two originator ARVs could soon exceed supply

Indian patent bill is introduced with no change: the beginning of the end of generics?

Patent mailbox opened in India

GSK calls on UK to use G8 presidency to enforce patents

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