India admitted into Bush aid programme in same week that Indian parliament dismantles hope of future generic ARVs

500mg saquinavir (Invirase) approved in Europe

Roche discontinue ddC and Fortovase

Needle-free injections for T-20 in US

Pegasys approved for HIV/hepatitis C coinfection in Europe and US

Pegasys approved in Europea for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B

Untangling the web of price reductions: a pricing guide for the purchase of ARVs for developing countries

HIV inSite – new online resources

PRN Notebook – December 2004

Bulletin of Experimental Treatments for AIDS

Volume 6 Number 4 April 2005 PDF

Volume 6 Number 2/3 February/March 2005

Important new pharmacokinetic data demonstrating that atazanavir sulfate (Reyataz) combined with ritonavir (Norvir) and proton pump inhibitors should not be coadministered

7th International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection (ICDTHI), 14-18 November 2004, Glasgow

Nandrolone decanoate combats HIV-related weight loss: results from three randomised studies

Atazanavir boosts intracellular saquinavir levels: data on important new dual-boosted regimen

Marked variability in plasma atazanavir levels: importance of ritonavir boosting and TDM

Effective switching to atazanavir/ritonavir in clinical practice

Ritonavir boosting may not overcome interaction between atazanavir and nevirapine

Nevirapine associated adverse events in a cohort of pregnant women

Higher nevirapine doses for children leads to better outcome

TDM in Ugandan study highlights importance of refridgerated ritonavir

Responses to TB treatment in HIV positive and HIV negative patients in the UK

800mg efavirenz may not be needed with rifampicin-based TB regimens, especially in African patients

EuroSIDA shows HIV-HCV coinfected patients more likely to stop HAART because of side effects

Lower d4T dose maintains virologic suppression and CD4 increases

Community advocates meet with Indian generic companies: 2nd World CAB meeting

AIDS activists concerned over drug prices post-patent

India’s choice: editorial from NY Times

Ranbaxy files three generic ARVs with US FDA

FDA approves generic AZT/3TC/NVP fixed dose combination

Treatment Access Campaign (TAC) awarded punitive costs in case against Minister of Health

GSK grants license to Cipla in South Africa

Widespread adoption of post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) recommended in US

European Approval For Kivexa (abacavir/3TC)

500 mg saquinavir (Invirase) approved in US

Interactions between African herbal medicines and ARVs

Indinavir not recommended in pregnancy due to reduced pharmacokinetic levels

Free illustrated HIV guide for GPs and other primary care workers

ARV drug recycling project in UK

First pharmacogenomic CYP450 test designed for clinic use

Role of HIV drug resistance testing in antiretroviral drug development

Medscape full-text articles and guidelines

Volume 6 Number 2/3 February/March 2005 PDF

Volume 6 Number 1 December 2004/January 2005

Important new clinical data: potential early virologic failure associated with the combination antiretroviral regimen of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate, didanosine, and either efavirenz or nevirapine in HIV treatment-naive patients with high baseline viral loads

6th International Workshop on Adverse Drug Reactions and Lipodystrophy in HIV (IWADRLH) 26-28 October 2004, Washington

Nucleoside analogue-related mitochondrial toxicity and link to lipoatrophy: effect of non-thymidine analogues abacavir and tenofovir

Nucleosides reduce PPAR-gamma: a role for rosiglitazone without thymidine analogues?

Potential for uridine to treat mitochondrial toxicity: still only in vitro data

25% patients take Kaletra on an empty stomach: dietary advice often missed at ‘centre of excellence’

rHGH reduces central fat accumulation in adolescent lipodystrophy

Weight loss is associated with elevated PBMC proviral DNA levels

Coronary artery bypass graft is safe in HIV-positive patients but shows higher risk of longer term events

Endothelial dysfunction similar in ARV-experienced and -naive patients

Pravastatin improves lipid profiles but not endothelial function

Indinavir impairs endothelial function without insulin resistance

Treatment interruptions improve lipids within four weeks: IL-2 has no metabolic effect

Improvement of lipids following switch to tenofovir

HCV coinfection linked to discontinuing ART due to toxicity

Restorative treatments for HIV-associated lipoatrophy

44th Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC), 30 October-2 November 2004, Washington

Tipranavir in treatment experienced patients: results from RESIST-1

Reverset: first data in patients with nucleoside resistance

Poor response with tenofovir and ddI backbone causes early study termination

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