U=U resources for UK clinics: free posters, postcards and factsheets

Featured Fit for purpose: Antiretroviral treatment optimisation

Fit for purpose 2018 – PDF

Featured HIV pipeline 2018: full version

Introduction to ART (May 2018)

Guide to changing treatment (January 2018)

HIV and Pregnancy – Swahili translation (January 2018)

New booklets for trans women and men – from cliniQ

PrEP for women and PrEP in the UK: new leaflets

Guide to changing treatment: what to do if your viral load rebounds

New guides to PrEP

HIV Pipeline Report (2017)

Fit for Purpose: HIV treatment optimisation for adults and children (2017)

Introduction to HIV pipeline 2017

HIV pipeline 2017: full version

HIV pipeline 2017: summary version

HIV pipeline 2017: Update from IAS Paris

HIV pipeline 2017 PDFs

Fit for purpose (July 2017)

Antiretroviral treatment optimisation for adults and children

HIV pipeline 2017: summary version

The paediatric pipeline 2017

Fit for purpose 2017 PDF

ART in pictures: HIV treatment explained (June 2017)

Pocket guides: A7 concertina leaflets

UK Guide to PrEP (2nd Edition)

Two new i-Base resources: Introduction to ART booklet and a Pocket ART leaflet

Guide to HIV and HCV coinfection (November 2013)

AIDS 2012: a non-technical review of the 19th IAS Conference

i-Base/TAG 2012 pipeline report

HIV and your quality of life: a guide to side effects and other complications (July 2012)