Conference reports

Dolutegravir dispersible tablets for infants and young children: early PK, safety and efficacy

High rates of anal HPV infection in gay men using PrEP in IPERGAY: the roll of vaccination

Access to viral load testing increases from 14% to 61% over two years in Côte d’Ivoire

HCV incidence and reinfection in HIV negative gay men using PrEP in the Netherlands

FDA-approved compounds that might selectively reverse HIV latency

Viral load testing in Latin America and the Caribbean

Resolving a diagnosis for people with persistently indeterminate HIV test results

22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018)

Caution on press conference news from AIDS 2018

Zero HIV transmissions in PARTNER study after gay couples had sex 77,000 times without condoms – an undetectable viral load stops HIV

DTG/3TC dual therapy is non-inferior to triple-ART in GEMINI study

Once-daily reduced dose darunavir/ritonavir (400 mg/100 mg) is non-inferior to twice-daily lopinavir/ritonavir in South African switch study  

Superior efficacy with dolutegravir-based ART compared with other regimens at 6 months: real-world data from Brazil 

WHO recommends dolutegravir widely but women’s access will depend on contraception provision

No additional neural tube defects among a further 170 preconception dolutegravir exposures in Botswana: Tsepamo study (July 2018)

Swifter viral load suppression with dolutegravir vs efavirenz in late pregnancy: results from DolPHIN 1

First randomised kick-and-kill cure study fails to reduce HIV reservoir: RIVER study reports vorinostat and vaccines show activity, but not enough

Using PrEP with feminising hormone therapy supports daily PrEP dosing for transwomen

Daily and on-demand PrEP both prevent HIV in Prévenir study: high adherence by gay Parisians

AIDS 2018 online: links to selected webcasts

10th International Workshop on HIV Paediatrics

Preconception safety signal with dolutegravir: data from the Tsepamo study

What to watch: HIV cure-related research at AIDS 2018

AIDS 2018: Programme online and late-breaker highlights announced three weeks before the conference

19th International Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology, 22–24 May 2018, Baltimore

Unbound dolutegravir plasma concentrations unchanged in pregnancy and standard dosing crosses the placenta in placental perfusion model

Etravirine dispersible paediatric tablet has greater bioavailability when dispersed in water compared to swallowed whole  

Reduced exposure to elvitegravir in pregnancy: results from the PANNA Network  

Rifabutin dosed 2.5 mg/kg daily with lopinavir/r in children achieves comparable exposure to adults 

No clinically relevant reduction in oral cabotegravir when co-administered with rifabutin  

Boosted darunavir 800/100 mg twice daily might overcome interaction with rifampicin

Efavirenz side effects and other drug-drug interactions are common in Ugandan cohort

19th International Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology, 22–24 May 2018, Baltimore

Dolutegravir 50 mg twice daily sufficient with rifampicin but levels reduced significantly with 100 mg once daily 

Vaginal ring reduces efavirenz but not atazanavir exposures 

Dispersible paediatric versions of dolutegravir provide higher bioavailability than immediate release formulations  

Fourth Joint Conference of BHIVA/BASHH (4th BHIVA/BASHH)

Low PEP and PrEP awareness among trans people in London and their partners

Low awareness of PrEP in BME communities in Leeds but high interest in use

Younger people living with HIV more likely to have a positive self image

Zero or negligible risks of HIV, HBV or HCV transmission by biting or spitting

UK-CAB community representation on guideline panels and research studies

Fourth Joint Conference of BHIVA/BASHH (4th BHIVA/BASHH)

Almost 1 in 8 people with symptoms turned away from sexual health clinics in SE London: 40% are under 25 and 6% under 18 years old

A new framework for best HIV care: BHIVA Standards of Care revised and updated (2018)

Key changes to upcoming UK HIV pregnancy guidelines (2018)

Pregnancy studies at 4th Joint BHIVA/BASHH Conference

Meta-analysis of TAF vs TDF in boosted vs unboosted regimens

Meta-analysis of dolutegravir in naive, experienced and switch studies

Not claptrap: kissing as the strongest route for oral gonorrhoea

Rapid PrEP uptake in Scotland exceeds expectations

Drug cost savings from routine use of generic ARVs: safety and efficacy in practice

CROI 2018: third reports

No increased risk of IRIS in people with low CD4 counts receiving raltegravir in the REALITY trial

Isoniazid preventive TB therapy in pregnancy and postpartum: recommendations now need to be re-evaluated

Efavirenz might decrease effectiveness of the vaginal contraceptive ring

Switch to TAF appears safe and effective in adolescents: similar PK to adults

Doubling raltegravir dose could overcome interaction with rifampicin in children aged 2 to 6

Twice-daily bictegravir does not overcome drug interaction with rifampicin

Reducing risk of myocardial infarction (MI) in HIV positive people

M184V mutation associated with increased risk of viral blip but not viral failure with 3TC-based dual therapy

CROI 2018: second reports

Ibalizumab phase 3 results and susceptibility to drug-resistant HIV

Statin use might reduce risk of cancer in HIV positive people

Rate of bone loss on ART slows after the first year

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