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Drug interactions

Will SSRI antidepressants affect seroconversion or HIV test results?

Tivicay and B12 and Folic Acid, will there be an issue?

Will there be be an interaction between Tivicay and magnesium?

Can other drugs reduce effectiveness of ARVs?

Can I use herbs or supplements with Atroiza?

What happens if I take efavirenz and Truvada after a meal?

Can I take Questran with Genvoya?

Can I use moringa?

Can I have the HEP vaccine?

Will there be drug interactions with Brintellix?

I’ve just had an abortion, can I restart meds?

Is it OK to take TB meds as well as ARVs?

Can I take doxycycline with ARVs?

Is Atripla effective?

Can I drink and take ART?

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Can I take headache tablets when taking atrioza?

Do I need to take ARVs and TB medication when pregnant?

Can I drink if I take odimune?

Can steroids cause drug interactions?

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