3rd International Workshop on Adverse Drug Reactions and Lipodystrophy in HIV, Athens, 23-26 October 2001

Insulin resistance

Thyroid function abnormalities

Lipodystrophy and metabolic changes in children

Bone studies at lipodystrophy workshop

Survey reveals pregnant Zambians support universal nevirapine treatment

Delaying antiretroviral therapy may be considered for many patients

Correlation between reduction in plasma HIV1 RNA concentration 1 week after start of antiretroviral treatment and longerterm efficacy

One week on, one week off experimental regimen might reduce the cost and toxicities of HIV therapy

Enteric coated didanosine significantly reduces nausea, bloating, GI upset

Secondary mutations in HIV-1 protease predict treatment failure in naive patients

Antiretroviral regimen complexity, self-reported adherence, and HIV patients’ understanding of their regimens: survey of women in the HERS study

Study indicates NNRTI mutations have little effect upon HIV-1 replicative capacity

Garlic can impede HIV medication

Caution needed with nelfinavir and some lipid-lowering drugs

Syncytium inducing viral phenotype halves thymic T cell production in children

Children with advanced disease who take HAART experience immune reconstitution

New US guidelines for the prevention of opportunistic infections in people infected with HIV

Incidence and prognosis of AIDS-related lymphoma have improved since the advent of HAART

Coinfection does not appear to augment TB infectivity

Detailed picture emerges of how HIV travels into and out of cells

High levels of HIV replication shut down anti-HIV immune responses

Natural killer cell activity varies with viral burden in HIV-1 infection

MDMA: acute effects of ecstasy on T-cell numbers and function

Elevated blood pressure in subjects with lipodystrophy

Fat distribution is strongly tied to metabolic disturbances in HIV lipodystrophy

Eating more often can reduce cholesterol levels

TRAIL ligand induces apoptosis of cells infected with HIV in-vitro

DHEA replacement therapy improves quality of life

Medicinal plant ‘fights’ AIDS

Review: treatment of chronic hepatitis

Volume 2 Number 10 December 2001 PDF

8th European Conference on Clinical Aspects and Treatment of HIV-infection, Athens, 28-31 October 2001

HIV drug resistance can develop under HAART at low levels of viraemia

Combinations of lopinavir/r and amprenavir in heavily treatment experienced patients

Further reports of benefits of polylactic acid for facial lipoatrophy

GigaHAART study shows benefit of treatment interruption prior to treatment with >7 drugs in highly treatment experienced patients

Tenofovir DF 907 study

The Max Cmin 1 trial: indinavir/ritonavir vs. saquinavir/ritonavir

No significant drug interactions found between tenofovir DF and indinavir, lopinavir/r, lamivudine, or efavirenz

Ritonavir corrects drug interaction between efavirenz and saquinavir

Lopinavir/r effective in naive patients after three years of treatment

Prevalence of adverse events associated with potent antiretroviral treatment: Swiss HIV cohort study

European CPMP gives positive opinion for European licensing of tenofovir DF

EC approves abacavir for use by HIV-infected children

Preventable factors linked to indinavir-associated renal complications

Patients refractory to HIV treatment require close monitoring

Report on salvage therapy from the 39th annual meeting of the IDSA

HIV infects naive T cells leading to depletion

Rapidly progressive HIV case highlights importance of specific immune response

CCR5 density on T cells directly correlates with HIV disease progression

Human herpes virus 6 prevents CCR5 tropic HIV from spreading in human tissue cultures

HIV infection may trigger neurologic disorder

Nerve growth factor improves HIV-associated sensory neuropathy

Daily injection more effective than thrice-weekly interferon alpha-2b for HCV/HIV

Lipodystrophy in HAART-treated patients may have multifactorial aetiology

South Africa hits out at pharmaceutical companies on AIDS drugs

The drug development pipeline

When to start treatment tecommendations

Volume 2 Number 9 November 2001 PDF

Rapidly ascending neuromuscular weakness associated with nucleoside analogues

Tenofovir DF: results from phase III study released

US FDA committee recommends approval for tenofovir

HIV suppression in lymphoid tissue varies with antiretroviral regimen

Adherence rates lower than 95% are associated with virologic failure

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