Discontinuation rates similar between HAART regimens

African patients with non-B subtypes respond to HAART

Resistance to nevirapine differs by HIV-1 subtype

Oxihumate may boost immune system in HIV-positive patients

Aminoperazine shows promise in enhancing immune response of HIV patients

Dressed to kill? A review of why antiviral CD8 T lymphocytes fail to prevent progressive immunodeficiency in HIV-1 infection

Interleukin-2 with dual nucleoside therapy

Lymphocyte receptor pattern heightens susceptibility of GI mucosa to HIV

Acceleration of increasing plasma HIV RNA load signals incipient progression

NIMH scientists find new details of HIV viral reproduction process

AIDS virus’s ability to mimic other infections weakens the body’s defences against disease

FDA requests changes in product information for all antiretrovirals

Dihydrotestosterone for HAART-associated breast enlargement in men

Osteopenia seen in testosterone-deficient women with AIDS wasting

Corticosteroids linked to HIV-associated osteonecrosis

Dietary factors, metabolic abnormalities and fat redistribution

High incidence of reduced bone density found in HIV positive people

Puberty delayed in vertically infected children

Metabolic abnormalities in children treated and not treated with protease inhibitors

Early treatment with interferon alpha-2b can prevent chronic liver disease in those with hepatitis C

Harmless hepatitis-type virus seems to extend lives of HIV-positive individuals

Adefovir dipivoxil promising for lamivudine-resistant HBV in HIV-1 infected patients

Severe hepatic injury common after HAART initiation

AIDS-related lymphoma responds best to chemotherapy/HAART combination

AIDS increases risk of non-AIDS-related cancers

Imiquimod and drug resistant herpes simplex

Can low-dose shark cartilage shrink KS?

Respiratory failure in PCP patients can recur after HAART initiated

Valcyte receives Dutch regulatory approval for treatment of AIDS-related CMV retinitis

Immune Response Corp to drop study of HIV drug Remune

Asthma prevalence high in HIV-positive men

Volume 2 Number 8 October 2001 PDF

Drug companies’ spending on advertising double research and development spending in 2000

Nigeria to launch AIDS treatment program

Europe moves to speed up approval of new drugs

Deal allows developing countries free access to journals

Trials of Immune Response Corp’s AIDS vaccine Remune may end after Pfizer drops financial support

1st IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis and Treatment, July 8-11 2001, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lipodystrophy and metabolic complications

Lipodystrophy and metabolic disturbances

Pharmacology at 1st IAS

Drug-drug interactions

Immunotherapy at the 1st IAS conference

Entry inhibitor updates from the 1st IAS

Structured treatment interruptions (STIs) and structured intermittent therapy (SITs)

Adverse events with antiretrovirals

Durable HIV treatment benefit despite low-level viraemia: reassessing definitions of success or failure

Anticancer drug 9-nitrocamptothecin (9NC) inhibits HIV-1 replication

Updated US Public Health Service guidelines for the management of occupational exposures to HBV, HCV and HIV and recommendations for postexposure prophylaxis (PEP)

Carnitine for high triglycerides

Does efavirenz cause breast enlargement?

Fat malabsorption common cause of diarrhoea in HIV-positive patients

Dietary supplements can help with nelfinavir-related diarrhoea

HCV coinfection may have role in changes in body composition in HIV patients

Interferon shows some benefit in preventing AIDS-related opportunistic infections

AIDS research today: 20 views

Volume 2 Number 7 August/September 2001 PDF

5th International Workshop on HIV Drug Resistance, 4-8 June 2001, Scottsdale, Arizona

Anti-HIV immune responses and partial viral suppression

HIV resistance, phenotypic drug susceptibility and viral fitness

SWATCH – alternating antiretroviral regimens

Structured treatments interruptions

Importance of additional active drugs for NNRTI-naive patients using NNRTI-based salvage regimens

NNRTI and PI drug plasma levels are as critical as drug sensitivity in achieving treatment success in antiretroviral experienced patients

Increased prevalence of transmission of drug resistant HIV and reduced response in newly infected subjects in nine US cities

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