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Access to treatment

My doctor in Florida threatens stopping Atripla for bureaucracy….

Will Septrin increase my CD4 count?

What are my choices for HIV drugs in Birmingham?

Can I change to a simple combination? can I just stop a drug?

When will long-acting injections be available in the UK?

I have been on AZT for 10 years…

I am worried about a low CD4 and fewer tests in the Philippines?

I am worried about my relative not on ARVs?

Can I restart on Trivenz after a break?

Can I work in the US?

How can VL go down before ART and can I get single pill ART in the UK?

Are generics just as good as non-generics?

What can I do if I am HIV positive living in the Middle-East?

Featured Has my question already been answered?

Where can I buy PrEP or HCV meds online and is it legal in the UK?

UK switch to dolutegravir: do I still need 3TC/FTC or even 3 drugs?

How much does Odimune cost in South Africa?

Are generic ARVs just as good as other ARVs?

I can’t afford ARVs, is it ok to skip a few days?

I have a CD4 of 270, what meds should I take?

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