Q and A

Access to treatment

Will my HIV meds still be okay after Brexit?

What can I use other than ARVs for my HIV?

Meds in South Africa without a prescription, is it possible?

I want to restart meds, is this OK?

How much do HIV drugs cost in the UK?

What do it mean if your CD4 count is 200 or less?

Is there any research into long-acting treatments?

My doctor in Florida threatens stopping Atripla for bureaucracy….

Will Septrin increase my CD4 count?

What are my choices for HIV drugs in Birmingham?

Can I change to a simple combination? can I just stop a drug?

When will long-acting injections be available in the UK?

I have been on AZT for 10 years…

I am worried about a low CD4 and fewer tests in the Philippines?

I am worried about my relative not on ARVs?

Can I restart on Trivenz after a break?

Can I work in the US?

How can VL go down before ART and can I get single pill ART in the UK?

Are generics just as good as non-generics?

What can I do if I am HIV positive living in the Middle-East?

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