Q and A

HIV transmission

I’m undetectable, can I transmit?

I’m having unprotected sex with my partner, I’m new to ARVs, are they at risk?

Is a negative test after three months accurate?

If a HIV negative man comes inside a HIV positive woman what are the risks to the man?

A condom burst with my positive girlfriend. Will I have HIV now?

Can I have sex with someone who is positive and not catch HIV?

How can my partner test HIV positive and I test HIV negative?

Why did my partner test positive when I tested negative?

Can I get HIV from oral sex?

I’m not on medication, are my sexual partners at risk?

I’m undetectable, can I transmit?

if you have sex with someone who has HIV are you guaranteed to catch HIV?

What is seroconversion and what are the symptoms?

Is my partner at risk if I’ve been on ART for ten years?

My gf learned she is positive but my results are negative…

What is the risk from one time with my positive boyfriend?

Can my wife become pregnant without catching HIV?

I feel judged for wanting to breastfeed in Germany?

Can I reinfect my partner if I am not on meds?

How long should I wait for undetectable viral load?

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