Coinfected patients may require longer HCV treatment, irrespective of genotype

New recommended standards of care for NHS services

Vatican says HIV can pass through condoms


Newsletters and reports

HIV and hepatitis coinfection

Volume 4 Number 9 November 2003 PDF

Volume 4 Number 8 October 2003

Important new pharmacokinetic data for atazanavir sulfate (Reyataz) in combination with tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (Viread)

British 2003 HIV treatment guidelines are published online

South Africa delays deregistering nevirapine

Disagreement greets a new deal on patent protection and generic drugs for poor countries

TRIPS agreement will not save lives

Joint statement by 14 NGOs dismisses TRIPS deal as a ‘gift bound in red tape’

An activist’s view from the WTO meeting in Cancun

South African cabinet rules that public hospitals should provide ARVs

Indian government taken to court over lack of treatment

43rd Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC), 14-17 September 2003, Chicago

South African AIDS Conference, 3-6 August 2003, Durban

Township project is a model for care in resource poor settings

Projects band together to buy lowest-cost generic drugs

MTCT-Plus operates in Cote D’Ivoire, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda and Zambia

Further reports from 2nd IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis and Treatment, Paris, 13-16 July 2003

New atazanavir information

Boosted PI therapy antiretrovirals in treatment-experienced patients: SQV/r, ATV, ATV/r

HIV viral dynamics: viral fitness, genetic diversity, progression, co-receptor use

Pulmonary hypertension: finally a treatment trial!

New guidelines for the evaluation and management of dyslipidaemia in HIV patients on HAART (2003)

Treatments for lipoatrophy. Are there improvements? Are they noticeable?

Rosiglitazone significantly increases triglyceride and cholesterol levels and does not improve HAART-associated lipoatrophy

US approves and Europe rejects Serostim (recombinant growth hormone) for treatment of HIV-related wasting

Testosterone therapy prevents loss of lean body mass, improves mood and libido in HIV positive women and increases bone mineral density in HIV positive men

Only time with HIV infection and not specific antiretroviral therapy is associated with decreased bone mineral density

IL-2 induced increases in CD4 counts are blunted by use of prednisone

Treatment interruption shows no benefit in drug-resistant HIV infection

Postnatal transmission of HIV to breastfed infants following short course ZDV regimen

Subtype differences in mother to child transmission

Influence of mothers’ health and survival on children’s survival

Higher than currently recommended NVP dose shows greater efficacy in HIV-infected children

Time on anti-HIV therapy is a protective factor for liver fibrosis in HIV-HCV coinfected patients

HIV-HCV co-infected patients have poorer response to HCV therapy

CDC study shows rifampin/pyrazinamide therapy can cause severe liver damage

Impact of the HIV epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa on the pattern of HIV in the UK

Dutch pharmacies sell medical marijuana

Conferences and guidelines

Medscape articles

Journal articles

HIV inSite: HIV Knowledge Database

Online medical lectures

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Volume 4 Number 8 October 2003 PDF

Volume 4 Number 7 August/September 2003

EMEA public statement on early virologic non-response in patients with HIV infection treated with tenofovir in combination with lamivudine and abacavir

XII International HIV Drug Resistance Workshop, Los Cabos, Mexico, 10-14 June 2003

Transmission of drug resistance – at 11% in Europe and 17% in the UK

HIV coinfection, reinfection and superinfection

Single-dose nevirapine resistance in over 75% of mothers

Transmission of drug resistant virus does not revert to wild-type and does not appear ‘less fit’

Standard genotype assays may miss 75% of mutations when present in less than 35% of plasma sample

Low-level resistance and minority populations: cross resistance between nevirapine and efavirenz occurs even in the absence of genotypic mutations found using population sequencing

Persistent effect of d4T and 3TC, but not NNRTIs in the presence of associated genotypic mutations

Replicative capacity results complicated by minority wild-type virus

Tenofovir, resistance and K65R and concomitant nucleosides

Response to STI is determined by virus rather than immunological response

Why resistance rarely develops with viral suppression <50 copies/mL

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