Volume 11 Number 11/12 November/December 2010

10th International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV Infection, 7-–11 November 2010, Glasgow

Virological findings from the SARA trial ofboosted protease inhibitor monotherapy

Nevirapine exposure was not associated with hypersensitivity in patients from Malawi

Estimating the number of people in a country or region with HIV who are undiagnosed and in need of ART

Highpreterm delivery rates associated with initiation of HAART during pregnancy at a London clinic

Minority M184V variants detected in women after receiving 3TC/FTC and LPV/r-containing regimens in pregnancy

The Antiretroviral Pregnancy Registry reports no increased rate of birth defects with atazanavir exposure

Pharmacokinetics of lopinavir/ritonavir incombination with rifampicin based TB treatment in children

Efavirenz versus nevirapine based first linetreatment in a South African cohort

GSK572: 24-week results in treatment-naive and raltegravir-experienced patients

Consensus guidelines recommend routine use of genotypic tropism testing: new focus on maraviroc as a switching option (2010)

UK studies on bone health: increasedfracture rates reported in HIV-positive people

Muscle weakness or pain analysed as possible raltegravir side effect

Adding maraviroc does not boost CD4s inrandomised trial

Switch to twice-daily unboosted atazanavir outdoes switch to once-daily dose

Small but higher rates of AIDS and non-AIDS complications with uncontrolled HIV despite CD4s over 350

12th International Workshop on Adverse Drug Reactions and Co-Morbidities in HIV, 4-–6 November 2010, London

Bio-Alcamid associated with unacceptable risk of complications: no longer recommended as a treatment for facial lipoatrophy

First International Workshop on HIV and Ageing, 4-–5 October 2010, Baltimore

T-cell senescence linked to KS in peoplewith good HIV control

Higher risk of potential drug-drug interactions in HIV patients over 60

Age raises fracture risk more in HIV-positive people

Shortfall in funding for the Global Fund

FDA approval of generic ARVs


DNP+ president uses 5ml of blood to meet Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

Medicines Patent Pool: first research funder announced

Once-daily raltegravir fails to demonstrate non-inferiority compared to twice-dailydosing in phase 3 treatment naive study

FDA safety updates to antiretroviral labels

Update to US saquinavir label

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) with tenofovir/FTC reduces sexual transmission of HIV between men at high risk: results from the iPrEx study

FDA approves tesamorelin for reduction of central fat accumulation

Initiating nevirapine with fixed dose combination “mini-pills” in Zambia

HIV: an agenda for action

Berlin man remains free of detectable HIV 3.5 years after CCR5-negative stem celltransplant

Natural immunity to HIV infection

Scant embers of infection can reignite viralreplication

Evidence for sporadic low-level HIV replication on ART

Plumbing HIV pathogenesis in the gut

Genetic analyses reveal key mechanism of HIV control

Conference reports and online abstracts

Online journal access

Community resources and publications

Volume 11 Number 11/12 November/December 2010 PDF

BHIVA monitoring guidelines online for comment (2010)

50th Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC), 12–-15 September 2010, Boston

Raltegravir pharmacokinetics inpregnancy

Low birth weight associated with HAART in pregnancy in Zambia

Bilirubin levels in infants following in utero atazanavir exposure compared to exposure to other antiretrovirals

Novel mutations and shifting susceptibility to darunavir and tipranavir

Four-drug single-pill antiretroviral equivalent to Atripla at 48 weeks

High rates of bone loss and progression with HIV in longitudinal study

XVIII International AIDS Conference: 18–-23 July 2010, Vienna

Spray-dried nanoparticle formulation of efavirenz

Switching boosted-PIs to raltegravir

Scaling up: what to do first?

A new point of care CD4 test

Early infant diagnosis

Efavirenz-based regimens among womenof reproductive age receiving ART in Johannesburg

Male circumcision retains effectiveness at reducing risk of HIV infection: 54 month results

Towards a cure: HIV reservoirs and strategies to control them, 16-–17 July 2010, Vienna

Rapporteur summaries

START study given green light for full study

Saquinavir prolongation of QT interval: Rocheissue Dear Doctor letter

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