Development of chronic kidney disease and antiretroviral use in EuroSIDA cohortsince 2004

US paediatric guidelines updated (August 2010)

Tesamorelin for reduction of central fat accumulation: regulatory decision delayed in the US

Test and treat for all pregnant women in low and middle income countries?

Retrospective analysis finds higher prevalence of birth defects associated with efavirenz than previously reported

HPV-based screen-and-treat is effective for cervical cancer prevention in HIV-positive women

Genital tract viral load in women with below detectable plasma viral load

Daily cotrimoxazole preferable to intermittent preventative therapy inHIV-infected children

FDA approval of generic ARVs

IAS highlight funding shortfall crisis for Global Fund

The need for expanded access to experimental medicines for drug-resistant TB

Indian activists challenge proposed EU tradeagreements: Global access to Indian generic ARVs threatened

Russian HIV activists arrested in Red Square for protesting drug stock-outs

Chinese HIV positive activist Tian Xi to go on trial on trumped up charges

US waiting lists increase by over 300% in five months

Signs of progress in gene therapy for HIV

Volume 11Number 9/10 September/October 2010 PDF

AIDS 2010: non-technical conference summaries: HTB supplement

Volume 11 Number 7/8 July/August2010

XVIII International AIDS Conference: 18-–23 July 2010, Vienna

Navigating the IAS Vienna conference online

Results from the Caprisa 004 tenofovir microbicide trial

Quadrivalent HPV vaccine reduces genital lesions and HPV acquisition in men

Rilpivirine (TMC-278) vs efavirenz in treatment-naive patients: phase 3 results

Once-daily nevirapine extended release (XR) is non-inferior to current formulation

GSK572 (dolutegravir): second-generation integrase inhibitor

TBR-652: early results for CCR5 inhibitor

Atazanavir/r plus maraviroc or tenofovir/FTC in treatment-naive patients

Unboosted twice-daily atazanavir plus raltegravir

CASCADE analysis of when to start treatment

Impact of antiretroviral PMTCT prophylaxis regimens on subsequent maternal disease progression in Kesho Bora

Birth outcomes with antiretroviral exposure

New WHO guidelines for children (July 2010)

Early treatment for infants is cost-effective

No difference in outcomes for children initiating treatment with a protease inhibitor or an NNRTI nor with viral load switching strategies in PENPACT-1

Tablets more acceptable than syrups in the ARROW trial

Paediatric formulation of TMC 278

Smoking and atazanavir levels

Darunavir/ritonavir and rosuvastatin

Lime juice is not a microbicide: do not try at home

FDA safety updates to antiretroviral labels

Raltegravir approved inScotland

Atazanavir/r approved in Europefor children aged 6 to 18 years

FDA finally approves 4th generation HIV Ag/Ab test in the US

FDA approval of generic ARVs

Potential impact of new WHO pregnancy guidance (2010)

Darunavir/ritonavir and hepatic impairment

Case report – lack of PK interaction between bosentan and nevirapine

Pharmacokinetics of once daily darunavir/ritonavir and efavirenz

HIV infection, inflammation and premature ageing

Antiretroviral therapy dramatically reduces HIV transmission

Access to formula milk for HIV-positive mothers in the UK

Conference reports and online abstracts

Reports and journals

Community resources and publications

Medical resources

Volume 11 Number 7/8July/August 2010 PDF

HTB supplement: 2010 pipeline report

Introduction and executive summary



Antiretroviral pipeline 2010

HIV diagnostics pipeline

Paediatric antiretroviral pipeline

Immune-based therapies and preventive technologies pipeline

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