Q and A

Changing treatment

What happens if I have a gap in my treatment?

Switching meds to help with weight gain.

I’ve been on meds for 3 years, why is my viral load still detectable?

Why am I being given generics?

Can I take lamivudine once a day instead of twice?

After six months on meds, why is my viral load still over 15,000?

Featured Has my question already been answered?

Do I have to take two dolutegravir?

Are ARVs for life?

Can I reduce the drugs I take?

When should I take tribuss?

UK switch to dolutegravir: do I still need 3TC/FTC or even 3 drugs?

Is it ok to replace atrozia with trivenz?

My cd4 is over 500, I’m taking meds, but the side effects are terrible. Can I stop?

Can I return to my first ARVs – I have side effects with second-line?

Is Tribuss the reason I have lost a lot of weight?

Is it safe to change the time when I take my meds?

What can I do about side effects from Atripla?

Questions from a pharmacist on PEP and choice of first ART?

What can make efavirenz (Atripla/Tribuss etc) easier – or should I change?

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