Q and A

CD4 and viral load

When will a viral load rise?

Does a woman’s CD4 count drop when she’s pregnant?

Can CD4’s fluctuate?

Does polymyositis influence a HIV test?

I’m pregnant but not on treatment, what should I do?

My CD4 is low and viral load high, what should I do?

What happens if you miss your meds for a week?

My viral load is zero, does this mean I’m negative?

I’m undetectable and my CD4 is over 600, is this OK?

Both my partner and I are positive, though he’s not on meds, do we need condoms?

Will someone always test HIV positive – even with an undetectable viral load? – updated answer!

My CD4 is 725, do I need a C-section?

How long will it take to get undetectable viral load?

My CD4 count is 24, can it rise with medication?

Can I breastfeed? I just started medication.

My viral load is undetectable, can I transmit HIV to my baby?

My CD4 is 400, can I transmit?

CD4 78, what should I do?

My partner and I are both positive, can we have kids?

I’m undetectable, can I stop meds?

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