Q and A

CD4 and viral load

What happens if my meds don’t work?

I took my meds at the wrong time, is this OK?

I’m on medication, can I transmit HIV?

Is there anything after second line treatment?

How can VL go down before ART and can I get single pill ART in the UK?

If someone’s CD4 is 560, should they be on meds?

My CD4 has dropped, but my viral load is undetectable, is this OK?

If I stop meds, what will happen?

How can I increase my CD4 count?

Add etravirine to Genvoya – NOT RECOMMENDED

My viral load is undetectable, can I transmit HIV?

Can a persons CD4 count fluctuate?

Why has my CD4 dropped?

I’m not on meds, can I transmit HIV?

My CD4 is 35, is this OK?

My CD4 is high, does this mean that I’m undetectable?

My partners viral load is undetectable, will I contract HIV?

When will my meds start to work?

Can I start treatment with a high CD4 count?

I’m on medication, can I transmit?

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