Q and A

CD4 and viral load

Can positive people marry and have a family?

Will eating healthy increase my CD4 count?

Is it normal for VL to drop from 4 million to 200 but then increase again?

Can I take meds for pneumonia when using ARVs?

I feel dizzy when I take my ARVs, what can I do?

I’m undetectable and pregnant, do I need other medication?

My CD4 count is 60, will I be OK?

I’ve missed taking meds for 8 days, is this OK?

What does a viral load of 124 mean?

Is a viral load of 2,200,000 very high?

My viral load has risen, what can I do?

My CD4 has dropped slightly, am I OK?

My CD4 is 145, will it increase?

I’m undetectable but my CD4 is still low, why?

Is it possible to have an undetectable viral load and a low CD4 count?

When will my viral load become undetectable?

My viral load is less than 50, is this OK?

I’m on meds, will my baby be OK?

My viral load is 49, am I undetectable?

Is it OK to take you meds at slightly different times?

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