Q and A

CD4 and viral load

I’m on meds, will my baby be OK?

My viral load is 49, am I undetectable?

Is it OK to take you meds at slightly different times?

Are Atrozia and Odiume the same thing?

I’ve left my meds at home, what should I do?

I’m undetectable, can I breastfeed?

I’m not on meds, can I transmit HIV to sexual partners?

I’ve been on meds for 11 months, can I transmit?

Can Vitamin B6 help with decreasing a persons viral load?

Do you need to take ARVs when you’re pregnant?

Can a persons CD4 count rise within a month of being on treatment?

What do my results mean?

My viral load is detectable, but my HIV test is negative.

Is my CD4 OK?

Should I worry about a CD4 drop with undetectable viral load?

Are CD4 count fluctuations normal?

I took my meds early, will this be an issue?

My viral load is undetectable, can I transmit?

I forgot to take my meds, is this OK?

Will honey increase my CD4?

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