Schering’s pegylated interferon approved for treating hepatitis C in HIV coinfected patients

Campaign launched for HIV-positive people denied access to stay in the UK

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Volume 8 Number 6/7 June/July 2007 PDF

Volume 8 Number 5 May 2007

14th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, 25-28 February 2007, Los Angeles

No benefit of early cessation of breastfeeding in the Zambia Exclusive Breastfeeding Study (ZEBS)

Role of infant feeding and HIV in a severe diarrhoea outbreak in Botswana

Diarrhoea in uninfected infants of HIV-positive mothers who stop breastfeeding at 6 Months

Post-weaning gastroenteritis and mortality in HIV-uninfected infants receiving antiretroviral prophylaxis

Rates of diarrhoea associated with early weaning among infants in the Kisumu breastfeeding study

Early breastfeeding cessation among infants and risk of serious gastroenteritis: findings from a perinatal prevention trial in Kampala, Uganda

Treating children in resource-limited settings

Pharmacokinetics of nevirapine, d4T, and 3TC in Zambian children treated with Pedimune (Triomune)

New PK data for protease inhibitors

Plasma concentrations of efavirenz and lopinavir in children with and without rifampicin-based TB treatment

NNRTI vs PI HAART regimens for children in resource-limited settings

Predictors of infant mortality

HIV-infection in the brain, neurocognitive dysfunction and CNS drug penetration

Selected genetics studies from CROI

Report from genomics workshop at CROI

5th European HIV Drug Resistance Workshop, Cascais, Portugal, 29 March 2007

Few integrase inhibitor (INI) mutations in INI-naive people

Response to darunavir, tipranavir, or lopinavir after atazanavir failure

Upper and lower clinical cutoffs proposed for darunavir

Accuracy of Monogram’s Trofile assay in determining tropism and new tropism assays in development

Several genotyping systems offer hope as tropism predictors

Clinton Foundation announces significant price reductions for generic second-line drug and more tolerable first-line options

Generic tenofovir licensed in South Africa

Agreement for generic license of darunavir in South Africa

Brazil issues plans to produce generic efavirenz

Access to Abbott drugs in Thailand

Indian government only plans to provide access to second-line ARVs after first-line drug treatment targets are met

Increasing antiretroviral access for children

HIV-positive women and drug and alcohol use

WHO Bulletin: TB special issue

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Volume 8 Number 5 May 2007 PDF

Volume 8 Number 3/4 March/April 2007

14th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, 25-28 February 2007, Los Angeles

Raltegravir (MK-0518) phase 3 trials show successful viral suppression in multi-drug resistant patients

Maraviroc phase 2b/3 results in treatment experienced CCR5-tropic patients

Phase 2 study of Gilead’s integrase inhibitor elvitegravir (GS-9137)

Phase 2b study comparing rilpivirine (TMC-278) to efavirenz in treatment-naive patients: 48-week results

PK results from heat-stable formulation of ritonavir

Use of low-dose rapamycin, a CCR5 suppressant, to increase potency of T-20 in vitro

Growth hormone release factor (TH9507) reduces central fat adiposity

Further insight into risk and management of cardiovascular disease (CVD) from D:A:D cohort: no additional benefit of metabolic syndrome diagnosis; new HIV-specific CVD risk equations; increasing uptake of lipid lowering drugs but low smoking cessation

Pregnancy outcomes in the DART trial

12 month response to HAART in women following exposure to prevention of mother to child transmission regimens

Unexpectedly high rate of K65R mutation in patients failing first-line d4T-containing regimens in Thailand

Sexual transmission of HCV in Brighton reported in HIV positive and HIV negative MSM

Hepatitis B drug entecavir reported to have anti-HIV viral activity in three patients

High 6-month rate of PML survival with aggressive use of 5-drug T-20-based ARV regimen

Increased anal HPV levels in HV-positive smokers

Clade-B HIV-1 infection in Haiti predates global subtype-B virus

Drug interactions and pharmacokinetic studies: CROI 2007

Darunavir (TMC-114) approved in Europe

No significant interaction reported between etravirine (TMC125) and raltegravir (MK-0518)

Future of second-generation fusion inhibitors less certain as Trimeris and Roche separate

Abbott situation worsens in Thailand

BHIVA launch standards for HIV clinical care (2007)

Use of scientific evidence in criminal prosecutions for HIV transmission

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