Oxford COVID vaccine enrolling HIV positive people at two London sites

HTB: no. 10 – HIV and COVID-19: issue 7 (28 August 2020)

23rd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2020): second reports

Capsid inhibitor lenacapavir (GS-6207) allows for 6-monthly dosing

Weight gain with integrase inhibitors and TAF: three reports from AIDS 2020

Dolutegravir non-inferior to efavirenz at week 96 in the NAMSAL study but associated with substantial weight gain

Switching from efavirenz- to dolutegravir-based ART second-line achieved good rates of suppression: first results from the VISEND study

Paediatric dolutegravir dosing at AIDS 2020

COVID-19 outcomes in HIV positive people in two large US cohorts

AIDS 2020: virtual content now available free and on-demand

Pathways to an HIV cure: online presentations

US FDA approves dolutegravir/lamivudine (Dovato) as switch option

EMA extends indication for darunavir/r to include adolescents >12 years

ViiV resubmits cabotegravir plus rilpivirine long-acting injections (Cabenuva, Vocabria) to FDA for approval

EMA supports use of dapivirine vaginal ring to prevent HIV in high-incidence countries

HIV organisations challenge government proposal to abolish Public Health England

Modern ART – community video

AVAC web interviews about new treatments to prevent HIV

HIV associated with worse outcomes from COVID-19 in UK ISARIC and OpenSAFELY databases

European and UK doctors review latest studies on HIV and COVID-19 coinfection

Tocilizumab associated with better outcomes from COVID-19 in US study

Famotidine associated with better outcomes from COVID-19

INSIGHT network to study monoclonal antibodies for COVID-19 including LY-CoV555

US activists ensure people living with HIV can enrol in COVID-19 vaccine studies

HIV organisations oppose active-challenge COVID-19 vaccine studies

AVAC webinar with Barney Graham: COVID-19 vaccine targets, timelines, efficacy and ethical issues

Equitable access to vaccines against COVID-19

HTB no 10 – plus: HIV and COVID-19 bulletin no 7 (28 August 2020)

HTB: no. 9 – HIV and COVID-19: issue 6 (22 July 2020)

IAS COVID-19 Conference: introduction

Conference opening and making sense of the science

HepC drugs for COVID-19: sofosbuvir/daclatasvir show faster recovery and reduced mortality

Predictors of response to remdesivir in GS-5773 COVID-19 study

AIDS 2020 online: introduction

AIDS 2020: Navigating the website

Neural tube defects in two of 1000 conception exposures with dolutegravir: reassuring update from Tsepamo study

Dolutegravir associated with weight gain in African ART programmes: findings from AFRICOS 

ADVANCE 96-week results: dolutegravir weight gain continues, especially in women and when used with TAF – no evidence of a plateau

Obesity linked to dolutegravir, especially with TAF, could increase risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes

Pregnancy meta-analysis: dolutegravir- versus efavirenz-based ART

Long-acting cabotegravir injections are effective as HIV PrEP in gay men and transgender women: results from HPTN 083

Case report of short-term HIV remission from adding oral nicotinamide to intensified ART

New HIV remission case report at AIDS 2020: full report

FDA approves fostemsavir (Rukobia) for multidrug resistant HIV in the US

UK government cuts HIV PrEP budget in England by a third

BHIVA virtual conference: Best of CROI and COVID-19 update

Access and procurement to ARVs in the Russian federation

Pneumocystis Jirovecii Pneumonia (PJP) mistaken for COVID-19 in late stage undiagnosed: urgency of including HIV testing on admission

NYC cohort reports similar outcomes from COVID-19 in HIV positive vs HIV negative adults

Spanish study reports associations between COVID-19 and HIV treatment including NRTIs

UK study reports inhaled interferon-Beta reduces time to recovery from COVID-19

Review of COVID-19 in people with immune suppression

EMA grants conditional approval for remdesivir in the EU to treat COVID-19

Drug price announced for remdesivir – as US buys up world stock

RECOVERY study reports that lopinavir/r fails to show benefit against COVID-19

Hydroxychloroquine and lopinavir/r arms stopped in the WHO SOLIDARITY study

Individualising management of COVID-19 based on real-time inflammatory responses

Further positive reports from tocilizumab to treat COVID-19

Higher mortality from COVID-19 in London study in Asian or Black compared to white participants

UK study reports antibody responses linked to more severe COVID-19 in higher risk populations

Leading SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests meet specificity but fail current sensitivity guidelines

Infectious SARS-CoV-2 in air and on surfaces in London hospitals

US prisoners have higher mortality rates from COVID-19

US SARS-CoV-2 epidemic could see 100,000 cases per day: NIAID head Anthony Fauci to Senate hearing

Research during COVID-19

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