Cure research

New data on identifying and targeting the latent HIV reservoir

Recruiting natural killer cells to target HIV persistence

Additional remission cases published: but eradication needs 10,000-fold reduction in viral reservoir

HIV vaccine update: the “Miami macaque” as proof-of-concept breakthrough?

ABX464 nudges viral reservoir but not time to viral rebound

Estimating the total size of the HIV reservoir

Report from the IAS HIV Cure & Cancer Forum, 22–23 July 2017, Paris

HIV remission news from IAS 2017

Evidence of smaller HIV reservoirs in a Ugandan cohort

Other selections and webcasts

HIV cure research and basic science: capsules from CROI 2017

Flagging the HIV reservoir: a potential new marker for CD4 cells hiding HIV

Immunology and HIV persistence – implications for a cure

Antibody therapy leads to sustained post-treatment SIV control in macaques

HIV persistence: defective virus copies accumulate rapidly after infection

2016 Towards an HIV Cure Symposium, 16-17 July 2016, Durban, South Africa

Research toward a cure and immune-based and gene therapies

Cure research news from CROI 2016

Developing multi-pronged antibodies to target the HIV reservoir

News and notes on HIV cure research from IAS 2015

Combining PKC agonists and bromodomain inhibitors to reverse HIV latency

Estimating how frequently latent HIV reactivates

New case of remission in a perinatally infected teenager

IAS Towards an HIV Cure symposium, 18 – 19 July 2015, Vancouver, Canada

Plenary talks at IAS Cure Workshop

Innate immunity and HIV DNA declines in panobinostat recipients

Research Toward a Cure and Immune-Based and Gene Therapies

UK case of HIV remission: ten years off-ART in patient with prior progression and treated during seroconversion

Three papers on macrophages and HIV infection

HIV persists in lung macrophages of people on suppressive ART

Case report: Stem cell transplantation from CCR5 delta-32 homozygous donor selects for X4-tropic HIV

Stemming the flow from HIV reservoirs with neutralising antibodies

Cure research at IAS 2014: TILDA measures the reservoir and romidepsin wakes it up

Effects of long-term ART initiated during primary HIV infection on reservoir size

Wrestling with the implications of the Mississippi case

Research toward a cure and immune-based and gene therapies

Catching up with pathogenesis and cure research from CROI 2014

Reassessing the role of HDAC inhibitors in cure research

More on the links between the CD4/CD8 ratio, immunological perturbations, and risk of illness and death

Reports of a second baby possibly cured of HIV: uncertainty remains

Updates on SB728-T, a CCR5-targeting gene therapy

Women, HIV research and antiretrovirals

Report from the 6th Workshop on HIV Persistence

HIV rebounds in Boston stem cell transplant recipients

Circulating memory T follicular helper cells correlate with the development of broadly neutralising antibody responses against HIV

No viral load rebound off-ART following stem cell transplant: two “cure” cases using reduced intensity conditioning chemotherapy and CCR5 d-32 negative donors

HIV cure research: further capsules at IAS 2013

Preventive technologies, research toward a cure, and immune-based and gene therapies

Searching for HIV in Timothy Brown, the Berlin Patient

Reviewing strategies for draining HIV reservoirs

Report of a functional cure in an HIV infected infant

Reports on cure research

Hopes raised by HDAC inhibitor, but uncertainties remain

Post-treatment control of HIV replication and prospects for a functional cure

Towards an HIV cure: Early developments reported at IAS, part 2

Online video interviews between researchers and activists

Towards an HIV cure: early developments reported

Preventive technologies, research toward a cure, and immune-based and gene therapies

Cure research takes centre stage: proof of concept for activating the latent reservoir

5th HIV Persistence Workshop on HIV Reservoirs, 6-9 December 2011, West Indies

Workshop report and commentary: HIV persistence and reservoirs

Achieving a cure for HIV infection: do we have reasons to be optimistic?

Cure research: report from research workshop

Cure research and viral reservoirs

Global scientific strategy towards an HIV cure

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