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Opportunistic infections

Can my son gain weight again?

Can someone on HIV treatment use Kaposi’s treatment?

What to do if I am loosing weight?

Just diagnosed with HIV and TB and my CD4 count is 125…

Does HIV cause weight loss?

Why do I have pain in my hands and feet?

My CD4 count is very low, will treatment still work?

Can you talk about fatty liver and also changing treatment?

Is kissing a risk for KS? Does undetectable mean HIV negative?

What are D100 tablets and isoniazid used for?

Does HIV cause high blood pressure?

Should I worry about IRIS if I started Viraday when my CD4 was 10?

I just started ARVs with a CD4 of 18 and I feel bloated…

Does Atroiza (Atripla) cause eye problems?

How dangerous is it to not be on treatment with a CD4 count of 154?

I am newly diagnosed and have Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome…

Can I avoid getting TB?

Why am I on ilvitrim? (co-trimoxazole)

How can I feel fine off-meds with a very low CD4 count?

Can you provide a perspective on the risk of lung cancer?

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