November/December 2016: Volume 17 Number 11/12

UK Guide to PrEP (2nd Edition)

International Congress of Drug Therapy in HIV infection (Glasgow 2016), 23-26 October 2016

1000-fold mark-up for drug prices in high-income countries blocks access to HIV, HCV and cancer drugs

Once-daily raltegravir formulation matches twice-daily results in age, gender, race and baseline viral load/CD4 subgroup analyses

Attachment inhibitor GSK-934/BMS-068: 96-week subgroup analysis in treatment-experienced patients

Once-weekly albuvirtide infusion: early results of T-20-like compound

Simplifying HIV treatment: dual therapy works but monotherapy with either boosted-PIs or dolutegravir does not

Dolutegravir-based ART in combination with rifampicin-based TB treatment is safe in a small cohort of co-infected patients

Further reports of CNS-related side effects with dolutegravir

Generic PrEP bought online for UK use is validated by drug testing service

Immunology and HIV persistence – implications for a cure

Selected webcasts from Glasgow 2016

2nd HIV Research for Prevention Conference (HIVR4P) 2016, 17-20 October 2016, Chicago

A burgeoning PrEP pipeline: dozens of new drugs, formulations and delivery options

Second case of drug resistant HIV infection in person adherent on PrEP

TDF/FTC can be used as PrEP by breastfeeding mothers without risk to the baby

Potential for EFdA as PrEP to prevent HIV transmission in women and their infants

Antibody therapy leads to sustained post-treatment SIV control in macaques

FDA approves maraviroc for children aged two and older

Ibalizumab infusion reduces viral load in people with HIV multi-drug resistance

GSK discontinues development of maturation inhibitor BMS-955176

CHAI’s ARV market report shows more people than ever on ART in 2015 – and on better ART: but still some way to go

New online database for patent expiry dates in low- and middle-income countries

Global Fund is $2.6 billion short for 2017-2019: only $10.3 rather than 12.9 billion is available

Dolutegravir use in a London cohort – including nine pregnant women

HIV positive and HIV negative pregnancies in the UK and Ireland have similar outcomes including for older women: impressive 15-year review

Factsheets for switching to Rezolsta (darunavir/c) or Evotaz (atazanavir/c)

EACS Guidelines updated (October 2016)

Swedish guidelines updated (November 2016)

UK 2015 HIV statistics: high engagement with ART but new infections in gay men and late diagnosis overall still high

NHS England had no legal basis to delay PrEP: Court of Appeal upholds judgement

NICE evidence review supports efficacy of Truvada as PrEP in the UK

Conference materials online

Tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) approved in US to treat hepatitis B with EU set to follow

November/December 2016: Volume 17 Number 11/12

September/October 2016: Volume 17 Number 9/10

18th International Workshop on Comorbidities, 12-13 September, New York, USA

Fanconi-like lab abnormalities reported with daily PrEP: shows importance of routine kidney monitoring

Bone loss with PrEP in MSM aged 18-24

Neurological side effects with integrase inhibitors cause low rates of discontinuation in clinical practice

Atripla three days a week for two years: pilot switch study reports undetectable viral load with better bone, kidneys and sleep

Raltegravir increases waist circumference more than boosted PIs: greater with use of later ART

Exercise associated with significantly reduced risk of serious health problems and higher CD4 counts in large multicentre US study

21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016), 18-22 July 2016, Durban, South Africa

Four day a week ART: sub-optimal drug levels but few virological failures

Large disparities in costs of antiretrovirals between low- and middle-income countries

High risk of virological failure and loss to follow up postpartum in South Africa

Birth weight and preterm delivery outcomes of vertically vs non-vertically infected HIV positive pregnant women

High death rates among HIV positive women postpartum accessing ARVs

Higher rates of eye complications in HIV positive people on ART

Short reports on selected Durban posters

Global HIV Clinical Forum: Integrase Inhibitors, 16 July 2016, Durban

Raltegravir-based third-line ART in children and adolescents

8th International Workshop on HIV Paediatrics, 15-16 July 2016. Durban, South Africa

Raltegravir in HIV-exposed neonates

Virological response without routine viral load monitoring in children: results from the ARROW trial

Tenofovir-containing ART reduces bone mineral density in breast feeding women: results from IMPAACT P1084s

First generic version of dolutegravir approved by the FDA

Brazil to start using dolutegravir first-line in its national programme

Global Fund to reach US $13 billion target for 2017-2019: UK pledges up to $1.3 billion

First generic TDF/FTC approved in EU

Single-pill PI-based combination submitted to EMA

Dolutegravir superior to standard dose efavirenz in WHO analysis

US DHHS guidelines updated (July 2016)

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