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Can I change the time when I take my meds?

Can I change the time that I take my meds?

Can I restart meds?

What happens if I miss a dose?

I stopped meds, can I restart?

I quit my meds, can I restart?

I’ve skipped a week of meds, what should I do?

Is it OK to miss two days of meds?

Will changing the time I took meds cause fever and nightmares?

What happens if I take efavirenz and Truvada after a meal?

Will I be okay if I miss four days meds?

Will missing one dose of Atripla affect my baby?

What if I miss a dose or take a double dose by mistake?

How to I manage meds with shift work?

I took my meds at the wrong time, is this OK?

I’m not adhering to my ARVs, is my partner at risk?

Can I take my meds during the day?

If I stop meds, what will happen?

I’ve just had an abortion, can I restart meds?

Viral rebound, what should I do?

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