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My CD4 is high, does this mean that I’m undetectable?

My partners viral load is undetectable, will I contract HIV?

Do I need to be on ARVs if I want to have kids?

I’ve just started meds, will I infect my partner?

When will my meds start to work?

My girlfriend just tested positive…

Will PEP help if viral load was undetectable?

Can I start treatment with a high CD4 count?

How can we get pregnant?

Will my child test positive?

Will age effect what treatment I can use?

My viral load has gone from 20 to 50, is this a problem?

Missed meds, will I be OK?

When should I start treatment?

I have been diagnosed with CD4 of 16?

I’m positive, my partner is negative can we have a relationship?

How should I take Genvoya?

Are immune boosters any good?

Why doesn’t i-Base answer questions on HIV testing and transmission?

Do I need my CD4 retested?

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