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I’m on treatment, but my CD4 count has dropped.

When will I know if my baby is negative?

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When should I start ARVs?

When will my viral load be undetectable?

I missed my meds for 10 days, will I be OK?

When will my viral load become undetectable?

I take efavirenz, will this affect a drugs test?

Will feeding my baby solids be a problem?

Do you get joint pain after 5 months from HIV?

I’ve been positive for 7 years, should I start medication?

My viral load is 71, is this OK?

What’s an undetectable viral load?

How should I take Aluvia?

Can you take Tribuss with penicillin?

My CD4 is over 600, is this OK?

My viral load is detectable, can I breastfeed?

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