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Can I change the time when I take my meds?

I’m pregnant and not on medication, is it ok to start?

Can I change the time when I take my meds?

I want to restart meds, is this OK?

My partner and I are both positive, can we have kids?

I’m undetectable, can I stop meds?

I’ve been on meds for 8 months, I’m still detectable.

Is U=U really true?

I’m undetectable, can I transmit HIV to my partner?

My viral load is undetectable, can I have a child.

Taking meds into Thailand

Does a viral load tell you what a CD4 is?

My viral load is 41, is this good?

My viral load is 20, can I transmit?

Where can I test for HIV in the UK and is HIV treatment free?

Can I change the time that I take my meds?

Can I move to Australia?

I’m about to start meds, what can I expect?

I’m on ART, can I have sex?

I live in the UK, do I need to tell my employer about my status?

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