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Can you drink alcohol

I’m positive, can I travel to Malaysia?

I’m a HIV positive man, can I have children?

I’m positive, where can I work globally?

What does lower than detectable mean?

Can my baby be switch to formula?

My childs tested negative twice, will she be OK?

Can you drink when you’re on ARVs?

I took my meds 7hrs late, will I be OK?

Do I need to tell my employer about my status, I’m in the UK.

I missed my meds for 4 days, will I be OK?

I took two pills by mistake, will I be OK?

My CD4 is 450, what is my life expectancy?

I’m on treatment, can I transmit?

I’m on treatment, but my CD4 count has dropped.

When will I know if my baby is negative?

I’ve missed my medication for 3 weeks, is this an issue?

What can I take to boost my CD4 count?

I’m pregnant, do I need to take medication?

When will long-acting injections be available in the UK?

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