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Featured London signed up as a fast-track HIV city by Mayor Sadiq Khan

Forbidden words: transgender, diversity, foetus, vulnerable – banned from US budget documents

MSF secures generic hepatitis C treatment at $120 per course

STOPAIDS reviews DFID’s work on HIV and AIDS

Publications launched at IAS 2017

King’s Fund report on HIV services in England

Toolkit to support doctors against immigration interventions in the NHS

HIV: is victory in sight? – Brighton talk

Introduction to cost-effectiveness analysis for infectious diseases

Clinical management of HIV: EACS online course

New York reports fewer HIV diagnoses in 2015: target to reduce new infections by 75% by 2020

AT LAST: Gay men and transgender people in England get vaccine to prevent genital warts and anal cancer – impressive pilot results

UK 2015 HIV statistics: high engagement with ART but new infections in gay men and late diagnosis overall still high

Publications launched at AIDS 2016

High cure rates using generic hepatitis C drugs bought online: EASL supports lower cost access for Western countries

HIV positive transplant donors approved in the US

Public Health England reports cases of microbial resistant Shigella

HIV rates still increasing in gay men: 2015 report

Professor Clive Loveday awarded a Royal Order of Chivalry

The option for same day antiretroviral therapy on diagnosis: the future model for HIV care

WHO statement for public disclosure of clinical trial results

NHS further delays access to sofosbuvir

Public Health England outline plans to promote the health and wellbeing of gay and bisexual men

HIV in the UK 2014: Public Health England report on incidence and care

DSMB open report strongly supports importance of START study

EASL 2014: summary of interferon-free HCV studies with new DAAs

Partner 2 study extended for gay couples

TAILoR Study: telmisartan to reduce risk of insulin resistance: potential role for lipodystrophy

SCART study: selumetinib as potential treatment for HIV-related KS

Scotland agrees to free HIV treatment, regardless of residency status

UK to lift ban on HIV positive health workers who are on ART with undetectable viral load

CROI website: vital community and research resource vanishes

FDA guidance for industry HIV development and trials

Life insurance for HIV positive people on stable treatment

US Senate supports bill to allow HIV positive organ donations to HIV positive recipients

Update on AllTrials campaign for publication of full research results: PhRMA unhappy but GSK sign up

“AllTrials” campaign for publication of full research results

HIV in the United Kingdom: 2012 report

Hepatitis C in the UK: 2012 report

New Frontiers: Inaugural meeting of the British Society for Nanomedicine

Anti-homosexuality laws back in African parliaments

Online video interviews between researchers and activists

Jerome Horwitz dies at 93

Important publications launched at IAS 2012

ACT-UP at 25: tax Wall Street, end AIDS

Free comic book for HIV positive children about CD4, viral load and ARV treatment

London Commissioning: new announcements

Iranian doctors now freed

New York court rejects AIDS denialist case against leading HIV community activist and journalist

UK ban on HIV-positive doctors and dentists set to be overturned

i-Base phoneline and information request services: review of service use: 2004-2011

Job vacancy: Treatment activist post at i-Base

Studies on the loss of naive T cells

Global scientific strategy towards an HIV cure

Online European clinical trials registry

David Kato, prominent gay and human rights activist murdered in Uganda

China lifts travel ban on people with HIV

Malawian court’s 14-year sentence for gay men widely condemned

Uganda law proposes death penalty for homosexuality: can international reaction and vulnerability of treatment access programmes help?

President Obama announces end to HIV-positive immigration ban in the US

HIV swine flu triage tools and flowcharts

HIV and swine flu – patient leaflet

Iowa: Gay man gets 25 years for one-time non-disclosure to a single complainant

US denies entry to 60 HIV-positive Canadians

Job vacancy: Editor post for of the Southern African Journal on HIV Medicine for the nursing profession

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