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I’m having issues with my medication, what can I do?

My partner and I are both undetectable, can we reinfect each other?

I’m negative, my husband is positive, can we have a baby?

Do you get side effects if you take medication in the morning?

I’m moving to the UK, where can I access ARVs?

I’ve ran out of meds, can I use my old ones for a few days?

Is dolutegravir/lamivudine single pill (Dovato) available in the UK yet?

Do ARVs impact on a woman’s fertility?

I’m on meds, will my baby be OK?

Can I change from Atripla to Tribuss?

Why has my viral load increased?

I’m pregnant, but I don’t want to take medication.

Is it OK to use Curcumin when you’re taking ARVs?

I’ve missed taking my meds for 5 days, what should I do now?

I’m on treatment, is my partner at risk?

My viral load is 49, am I undetectable?

Is it OK to mix feed a baby?

Is it OK to take you meds at slightly different times?

If I take Biktarvy will it cause facial wasting?

Is it OK to take Amoxicillin with Odimune?

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