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I have been diagnosed with CD4 of 16?

Featured Has my question already been answered?

Why don’t they write HIV results on medical cards?

Can I start meds and how to tell my partner?

What if my combination fails and can you help neuropathy?

Will I still be able to get married and have children?

How do I tell my positive partner I am also positive?

Will occasional unhealthiness effect my CD4 count?

I’ve restarted treatment and my viral load is high, what will happen?

Can ARVs stop my skin becoming lighter?

What can I do if my HIV positive father is depressed?

I’ve recently become positive and have questions..

Will my family accept me if I start treatment?

I’m feeling ill and worried, will HIV treatment help?

My mother has just been diagnosed, I have some questions..

Can i-Base help me find a partner who is also HIV positive?

How do I manage diabetes and put on weight?

I am feeling suicidal and want to end it all…

Why have I not put on weight?

How accurate do I need to be with the time I take my meds?

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