Interim results report 80% efficacy for India’s COVAXIN vaccine

Three new COVID-19 vaccine studies enrolling in the UK

Dexamethasone: final results from RECOVERY study

No impact from anakinra in mild/moderate COVID-19 pneumonia

Bar opening in the US: 100 guests linked to at least 46 cases of COVID-19

Long COVID: studies reporting on long-term follow up on COVID-19

Large sporting event in US linked to 649 cases of COVID-19

Three carefully documented cases of SARS-CoV-2 transmission in a hospital setting despite masks

CROI 2021: New compounds for prevention and treatment of COVID-19

Oral molnupiravir at higher dose reduces SARS-CoV-2 viral load at day five in small phase 2 study

Bamlanivimab prophylaxis reduces hospitalisation and mortality: results from phase 3 BLAZE-2 study

Dual Eli-Lilly mAb bamlanivimab and etesevimab reduces hospitalisation after single infusion: results from BLAZE-1 study

Dual Regeneron mAbs casirivimab with imdevimab reduce transmission: interim results from phase 3 study

BHIVA guidelines on COVID-19 vaccines and people living with HIV: DRAFT online for comment

BHIVA advice on access to COVID-19 vaccines and shielding in the UK

US phase 3 results enable FDA review of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine

CROI 2021: Urgency of global access to vaccines, the potential of mAbs and the lessons learned from HIV

Janssen/J&J vaccine against COVID-19 is approved in the EU

Baricitinib improves recovery in sub-group of adults hospitalised COVID-19: results from ACTT-2 study

Ivermectin has no impact in treating mild COVID-19 in 400 adults in Columbia

No benefit from BRII and GSK monoclonal antibodies against COVID-19 in ACTIV-3 study

HIV positive people in the UK now elligible for COVID vaccinations – and to become available at HIV clinics

What are the main COVID-19 variants? How can they affect vaccine responses?

Novavax: >90% efficacy in UK but 60% in South Africa, hints of lower effect in HIV positive participants

Russian Sputnik vaccine reports 91% efficacy at 21 days after the first dose

Janssen vaccine reports efficacy after single injection: FDA decision imminent

Oxford/AZ vaccine might still prevent severe COVID-19 from B.1.351 variant: supports continued used in South Africa

Unprecedented rapid speed of COVID vaccine development

WHO online vaccine tracker

COVID-19 vaccine pricing: a BBC guide

Tocilizimab effectively reduces COVID-19 related deaths and hospitalisation time: additive benefit with dexamethasone

Bamlanivimab (LY-CoV555) prophylaxis prevents COVID-19 in care homes: results of BLAZE-2 study

US FDA specifies high antibody titre for convalescent plasma and to only use in early COVID-19

No benefit from convalescent plasma in UK RECOVERY study: limited results restrict implications for COVID-19

UK variant B.1.1.7 linked to higher risk of death and hospitalisation from COVID-19

NICE issue UK guidelines on long COVID

BHIVA and EACS update HIV as a higher risk for COVID-19: supports priority vaccine (January 2021)

Recent studies on HIV and COVID-19 coinfection

Very low-level HIV viraemia might continue after COVID-19

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine might still overcome UK and SA variants

Novavax phase 3 vaccine study launched in the UK, South Africa, US, Mexico and Puerto Rico

Merck/MSD withdraws two vaccine candidates from further research but continues focus on treatment

Oral colchicine reduces hospitalisation in international randomised phase 3 outpatient study

IL-6 agonists tocilizumab and sarilumab reduces mortality in severe COVID-19: interim results from REMAP-CAP study

Two different dual antibody treatments each reduce SARS-CoV-2 viral load by >0.5 log

IV methylprednisolone pulse treatment for hospitalised severe COVID-19

Monoclonal antibody bamlanivimab is not effective in advanced COVID-19: lack of early signal stops study early

Azithromycin monotherapy shows no benefit for COVID-19: RECOVERY study reports 1493 further deaths

WHO strongly recommended against using hydroxychloroquine or lopinavir/r at any stage of COVID-19

Updated US guidelines for treating COVID-19 (December 2020)

US update guidelines on access to COVID vaccines

Webcasts of two-day US Workshop on Long COVID (PASC) now online

Most people hospitialised with COVID-19 have at least one symptom after 6 months: Wuhan cohort

Recent studies on HIV and COVID-19 coinfection

Early safety and immune responses in older people using the Oxford vaccine: overall results complicated by dosing error

Interim results report 94% efficacy with Moderna/NIH mRNA vaccine: FDA hearing on 17 December

HIV risk from some COVID-19 vaccines might be unlikely due to rarity of vector viruses involved

Hydroxychloroquine fails to prevent COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2 transmission when used as PEP

Hydroxychloroquine has no benefit on symptoms at 14 days

WHO SOLIDARITY study published in NEJM

International COVID-19 study launches in Africa but with drugs that have little chance of working (ANTICOV)

Serious complications commonly reported three months after recovery from COVID-19

Adverse pregnancy outcomes among Spanish women hospitalised with COVID-19

COVID-19 antibody testing for HIV positive people in the UK: HIV organisations reverse previous exclusion

HIV positive people at higher risk of worse outcomes from COVID-19 in UK study

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