November/December 2017: Volume 18 Number 11/12

PrEP for women and PrEP in the UK: new leaflets

Guide to changing treatment: what to do if your viral load rebounds

i-Base 2017 appeal: we need your help….

16th European AIDS Conference (EACS 2017)

Fostemsavir in highly treatment-experienced participants: 24-week phase 3 results

D/C/F/TAF: phase 3 naive results and splitting PI-based FDC tablets

Dolutegravir-based dual therapy as switch option in multiple studies

Switch study shows F/TAF non-inferior to continuing abacavir/3TC

Twice-daily tenofovir alafenamide dose might overcome interaction with rifampicin

No impact on bioavailability of D/C/F/TAF when tablet is split but TAF absorption is reduced if crushed

Studies on dolutegravir and sleep, cardiovascular and CNS side effects, and risk of IRIS

Dolutegravir use in pregnancy: results from small Belgian cohort

No transmissions from breastfeeding in Tanzania cohort from mothers with undetectable viral load

Updated European guidelines launched at EACS 2017

ABX464 nudges viral reservoir but not time to viral rebound

8th International Workshop on HIV & Ageing, 2–3 October 2017, New York

Selected webcasts from 8th HIV and ageing workshop

8th HIV and Ageing Workshop: reports at

9th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2017)

Reassuring French data using raltegravir during pregnancy

Earlier ART reduces infant mortality in South Africa but risk of death and loss to follow up still high

Screening HIV positive pregnant women for TB in South Africa increased detection by 10-fold

Long-acting ART for children is a deferred priority despite achievable dosing

Sexual and reproductive health: draft UK guidelines online for comment (2017)

Estimating the total size of the HIV reservoir

Reducing rates of HIV-related cancer in US from 1996-2012

Effects of the anti-inflammatory antibody canakinumab on heart disease and cancer: implications for HIV?

MSF secures generic hepatitis C treatment at $120 per course

Conference materials online

Recent peer-review studies

Updates from the PrEP IMPACT study – November 2017

November/December 2017: Volume 18 Number 11/12

Coformulated dolutegravir plus rilpivirine approved in US (Juluca)

Darunavir-based single pill FDC approved in EU (Symtuza)

September/October 2017: Volume 18 Number 9/10

Experts disagree with controversial BMJ support for older HIV drugs in pregnancy

New guides to PrEP

The evidence for U=U (Undetectable = Untransmittable): why negligible risk is zero risk

9th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2017)

Dual therapy with darunavir/r plus lamivudine as first-line ART

Dual therapy with dolutegravir plus lamivudine as first-line ART

Once-daily raltegravir: 96-week results from the ONCEMRK study

New IPERGAY analysis shows on-demand PrEP dosing works with less frequent sex

On-demand dosing for PrEP is highly effective in French expanded access programme

Psychological impact of PrEP: beyond efficacy and cost-effectiveness

Early ART and testing HIV negative with rapid HIV tests

Report from the IAS HIV Cure & Cancer Forum, 22–23 July 2017, Paris

Generic dolutegravir-based FDCs at US $75 a year for low- and middle-income countries

UK donates well to the Global Fund, but slashed bilateral aid for HIV

Dozens of countries left out of new PEPFAR strategy, threatening the global AIDS response

Gilead uses voucher to speed FDA review of bictegravir

BHIVA challenges BMJ recommendations on ART during pregnancy: tenofovir still strongly recommend

STOPAIDS reviews DFID’s work on HIV and AIDS

UK PrEP guidelines: online for comment (Oct 2017)

US IDSA HIV pain management guidelines (2017)

NHS access to PrEP in the UK: country update

Generic PrEP in France and Scotland challenges access across the UK

PrEP use in adolescent gay and bisexual men: US study shows need for easier access and easier PrEP

Enhanced OI prophylaxis reduces mortality when starting ART late

Increased frequency and progression of kidney disease in HIV positive people

HIV and drug adherence: RITA!

September/October 2017: Volume 18 Number 9/10

July/August 2017: Volume 18 Number 7/8

HIV Pipeline Report (2017)

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