HIV pipeline 2018: full version

11 July 2018: vol 19 no 12: DTG and preconception – special report

Dolutegravir preconception signal: time is up for shoddy surveillance

22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018)

AIDS 2018: Programme online and late-breaker highlights announced three weeks before the conference

Bictegravir/FTC/TAF (Biktarvy) approved in Europe

Dolutegravir: need to consider all pros and cons before switching in pregnancy

Why U=U does not apply to breastfeeding

Future meetings 2018/19

11 July 2018: vol 19 no 12

29 June 2018: vol 19 no 11: darunavir/cobicistat alert and PK reports

i-Base 2018 appeal: we need your help….

New contraindication against using darunavir/cobicistat during pregnancy

Janssen Dear Doctor letter: Prezista (darunavir), Rezolsta ▼(darunavir/cobicistat)and Symtuza ▼(darunavir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide)

19th International Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology, 22–24 May 2018, Baltimore

Unbound dolutegravir plasma concentrations unchanged in pregnancy and standard dosing crosses the placenta in placental perfusion model

Etravirine dispersible paediatric tablet has greater bioavailability when dispersed in water compared to swallowed whole  

Reduced exposure to elvitegravir in pregnancy: results from the PANNA Network  

Rifabutin dosed 2.5 mg/kg daily with lopinavir/r in children achieves comparable exposure to adults 

No clinically relevant reduction in oral cabotegravir when co-administered with rifabutin  

Boosted darunavir 800/100 mg twice daily might overcome interaction with rifampicin

Efavirenz side effects and other drug-drug interactions are common in Ugandan cohort

China approves albuvirtide: a once-weekly injectable entry inhibitor

Single dose PRO140 mAb reduces viral load by 0.5 log copies/mL in people with multidrug resistance

New FDA guidance for developing PrEP drugs

UK PrEP IMPACT trial announces 3000 new places for gay men but low uptake by women, African and transgender people

RITA: issue on lung health

Cure research: open access publications

US community call for coalition for long-term survivors

29 June 2018: vol 19 no 11

08 June 2018: vol 19 no 10

08 June 2018: vol 19 no 10: DTG alert and PK reports

Introduction to ART (May 2018)

BHIVA statement on potential safety signal in infants born to women conceiving on dolutegravir

ViiV Dear Doctor letter: Neural tube defects reported in infants born to women exposed to dolutegravir at the time of conception

19th International Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology, 22–24 May 2018, Baltimore

Dolutegravir 50 mg twice daily sufficient with rifampicin but levels reduced significantly with 100 mg once daily 

Vaginal ring reduces efavirenz but not atazanavir exposures 

Dispersible paediatric versions of dolutegravir provide higher bioavailability than immediate release formulations  

EMA approves dolutegravir/rilpivirine (Juluca) in Europe as dual-therapy HIV switch option

Broad PrEP access in Australia reduces HIV infections even with reduced condom use by people not on PrEP

Boosted darunavir is associated with higher cardiovascular risk in D:A:D study, but not atazanavir

Online database of more than 200 studies on HIV cure research

Community survey on treatment interruptions (ATIs) in cure research

Webcasts on PrEP and women

Sexual identity and HIV

Modern ART in Africa: new resources

Featured 21 May 2018: vol 19 no 9: DTG Alert and BHIVA/BASHH reports

Potential safety signal for dolutegravir from the time of conception

Fourth Joint Conference of BHIVA/BASHH (4th BHIVA/BASHH)

Low PEP and PrEP awareness among trans people in London and their partners

Low awareness of PrEP in BME communities in Leeds but high interest in use

Younger people living with HIV more likely to have a positive self image

Zero or negligible risks of HIV, HBV or HCV transmission by biting or spitting

UK-CAB community representation on guideline panels and research studies

Phase 3 registrational data is not sufficient for roll-out of new ARVs in low- and middle-income countries

Generic manufacturers from South Africa and South Korea join Medicine Patent Pool (MPP)

WHO releases first list for essential diagnostics

Dolutegravir in pregnancy: early data reassuring but ongoing surveillance is still essential

FDA guidance for developing paediatric ARVs: online for comment

US study tracks kidney transplant results from HIV positive donors

Campaign forces Government U-turn on linking NHS data to immigration service

St Stephen’s AIDS Trust to close after 30 years of HIV research

New online animation of HIV lifecycle

21 May 2018: vol 19 no 9

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