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South Africa

How long does my baby need HIV treatment for?

What is causing my weight changes?

Can I have a baby with my negative partner? I also smoke.

I started treatment at 6 months of pregnancy, will my baby be positive?

I was early with my meds by an hour, is that OK?

Can I switch between Atroiza and Tribuss?

How can I be positive and my husband negative?

How am I negative and my boyfriend positive?

I’ve restarted treatment and my viral load is high, what will happen?

Are Atenef and Tribuss the same?

My baby is negative at 6 weeks, will she stay negative?

Is my treatment causing my low energy?

What is the difference between Tribuss and Odimune tablets?

I want to start treatment, what are the side effects?

Can ARVs stop my skin becoming lighter?

How can I boost my CD4 count without ARVs?

I am positive and pregnant, should I take HIV medication?

How am I positive but my partner negative?

My CD4 count is 15, what does that mean?

I’m on treatment, does this mean I am positive?

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