Featured HTB November/December 2022 (16 December 2022)

Supporting Ukraine

In memory: Giulio Maria CorbellI and Chris Sandford

Latest statistics on HIV in the UK: data for 2021

Glasgow HIV Congress 2022

Glasgow 2022: Better re-suppression after viral rebound with DTG-based ART compared to EFV- or PI-based regimens

Glasgow 2022: Vertical transmission rate below 0.3% among women living with HIV in the UK

Glasgow 2022: Impact of islatravir on lymphocyte counts in a dose-ranging study: a post-hoc analysis

Glasgow 2022: Islatravir studies to use 0.25 mg daily dose to overcome risk of reducing CD4 and total lymphocytes

Glasgow 2022: Fostemsavir 240 week results from BRIGHTE study

Glasgow 2022: Fostemsavir: QT prolongation and drug-drug interactions

Glasgow 2022: Mpox updates on epidemiology, treatment and prevention

24th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2022): Final report

IAS 2022: Metabolic complications of newer HIV drugs in older people

Cabotegravir-LA submitted to EMA for use as PrEP in Europe

CHAI 2022 report on global access to ART

Early HIV diagnosis and treatment are important for better long-term health

EU recommends approval of dispersible abacavir/lamivudine/dolutegravir FDC for children weighing 14 to >25 kg

BHIVA 2022 ART guidelines: online with non-technical summary

National HIV prescribing for England 2022: algorithms and policies

EACS Guidelines update (2022)

IAS–USA Guidelines on HIV Treatment and Prevention (2022)

Training webinar: 2nd HIV from A to Z

Future meetings and webinars 2023

HTB: no. 11/12 (November/December 2022) PDF download

Featured HTB October 2022 (3 October 2022)

Monkeypox into Autumn: still no emergency funding, vaccine efficacy and UK declines further vaccines

BHIVA General Medicine Course 2022

14th International Workshop on HIV & Pediatrics

Switch study for people with insomnia using dolutegravir: still enrolling

First paediatric pharmacokinetic data of dolutegravir in combination with a TAF-based NRTI backbone

24th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2022): further reports

AIDS 2022: Efficacy of DTG- vs EFV-based first-line ART in advanced HIV with CD4 <50 cells/mm3

AIDS 2022: Gender-affirming hormones, weight gain and ART

Islatravir update: treatment studies to use a lower dose but PrEP research discontinued in favour of MK-8537

Low levels of RPV-LA might explain failure with injectable ART despite perfect adherence

Tecovirimat treatment for monkeypox in the UK: importance of the PLATINUM study

Levels of monkeypox viral load in different body sites supports highest risk from body contact

Severe complication of monkeypox reported to the US CDC: risks associated with HIV and other causes of immunosuppression

New reports on MPX vaccine efficacy suggest protection but cases reported after two shots

Other monkeypox studies of interest

BHIVA, BASHH and other professional organisations publish open letters on the refusal by the UK government to acknowledge monkeypox crisis

Reduced HAND prevalence in large cross-sectional cohort study  

Update to IAS-USA drug resistance tables

HTB: no. 10 (3 October 2022) PDF download

HTB: no. 9 (3 September 2022) PDF download

Featured HTB September 2022 (1 September 2022)

Featured Update on monkeypox in the UK: reduced cases, vaccine access, transmission and treatment…

24th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2022)

Dolutegravir no longer linked to higher risk of neural tube defects: latest update from the Tsepamo study

Weight gain with dolutegravir and TAF in ADVANCE study continues out to week 192

VRC01 added to early ART in infants did not reduce viral reservoir

Using PrEP during pregnancy is safe for children

Long-acting CAB/RPV injections have a similar weight and lipid profile to dolutegravir-based oral ART

Montreal’s response to monkeypox: rapid vaccine rollout, 39 breakthrough infections

Summary of 620 cases of monkeypox seen at three London clinics

Advances in HIV cure-related research: IAS workshop now online

Lenacapavir approved in the EU and UK to treat multidrug resistant HIV

US survey reports 50% of gay men changed sexual behaviour to avoid monkeypox

US model limits monkeypox infections by one-third from having fewer one-time partners: short-term strategy until next vaccine supply

BHIVA include efficacy data on HIV and monkeypox vaccine: updated statement (August 2022)

Monkeypox DNA detected in anal samples of asymptomatic men in Paris and Belgium

Unusual case reports: non-sexual acquisition, severe MPX and advanced HIV, human-to-dog transmission

Tecovirimat for treating mild monkeypox: new studies open in the UK and US

US cases: MMWR report on 1891 cases to 22 July 2022

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