BHIVA statements on third vaccine doses for people living with HIV

HIV increases risk of severe COVID-19 in largest US study

SARS-CoV-2 variants and immunosuppression

UK vaccine programme saved 100,000 lives

Large US registry confirms safety of COVID-19 vaccines during pregnancy

US FDA grants full approval to Pfizer vaccine

Immune responses against Delta variant in people vaccinated in the UK

Neutralising antibody levels from COVID vaccines correlate negatively with age

Evolution of neutralising antibody responses to natural infection and after vaccination

Outbreak of 469 symptomatic Delta cases in fully vaccinated adults during Bear Week

Job vacancies: Medical writer

HTB: no. 9 – plus HIV and COVID-19 (17 September 2021)

HTB: no. 8 – plus HIV and COVID-19 (1 August 2021)

11th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2021)

IAS 2021: lenacapavir studies show impressive results in naive, extensive drug resistance and potential as PrEP

IAS 2021: HIV pipeline drugs: CAB/RPV LA, fostemsavir, paediatric dolutegravir, lenacapavir, islatravir, MK-8507 and albuvirtide

IAS 2021: Proving efficacy of next generation PrEP: counterfactual controls in lenacapavir and islatravir studies

IAS 2021: WHO report links HIV to 30% increased mortality from COVID-19: based on South African data

IAS 2021: New demands for better transgender heath care: No data no more

13th International Workshop on HIV Paediatrics 2021

Dolutegravir superior to standard-of-care in young children: results from the ODYSSEY trial

UK Biobank study finds no link between CMV and cardiovascular disease: HIV not included

Phase 1 HIV mosaic vaccine study launched at Oxford university

Ending the HIV epidemic (EHE) in the US

Antibody responses to Pfizer vaccine in HIV positive people with high CD4 counts

Third dose of mRNA vaccine improves antibody responses in kidney transplant recipients

US CDC recommends third vaccine dose in some groups

Pfizer plans for third dose: questions over population need?

Efficacy of Oxford/AZ and Pfizer vaccines against Delta variant in the UK

Results from Novavax phase 3 study in the UK

WHO approves Chinese vaccines for emergency use

Selected other vaccine studies

Efficacy of Chinese CoronaVac vaccine in Chile national programme

NHS supports selected use of inhaled budesonide for COVID-19 in people at risk of severe events

Reviews of ivermectin for COVID-19: no evidence of benefit from RCTs

RCT shows no impact of azithromycin in reducing symptoms of mild COVID-19

Variation in ACE2 levels are not related to outcomes from COVID-19

HTB: no. 8 – plus HIV and COVID-19 (1 August 2021)

HTB: no. 7 – plus HIV and COVID-19 (1 July 2021)

5th Joint BHIVA/BASHH Conference 2021

Few vertical HIV transmissions in the UK but contributing factors remain associated with inequality

Lenacapavir submitted to FDA as long-acting treatment for MDR HIV

US HIV treatment guidelines updated (June 2021)

Predicting likelihood of post treatment control in HIV cure-related studies that interrupt ART

London HIV study of responses to COVID-19 vaccines and natural infection (SCAPE)

mRNA vaccine fails to produce antibody response in late-stage HIV: low CD4 count and high viral load

Special report on background incidence of adverse events in vaccine studies

Third vaccine dose increases immune response to 68% in French transplant recipients

Third COVID-19 vaccine dose in US cohort of people on immune-suppressing treatment: safety and ethical issues

Plans for universal third vaccine dose for UK adults from September

COVID-19 vaccines increase sperm quality: potential to help uptake

Research approach to rapidly review candidate treatments for COVID-19: nine studies using ACTIV protocol

US likely to have had SARS cases in December 2020

COVID-19 treatment: tofacitinib, REGN bNAbs, convalescent plasma

Virology Education: monthly forums on COVID-19

COVID-19 timeline: global events from the last 18 months


HTB: no. 7 – plus HIV and COVID-19 (1 July 2021)

HTB: no. 6 – plus HIV and COVID-19 (1 June 2021)

5th joint BHIVA/BASHH conference 2021

Weight changes on ART and how to lose weight successfully

Selected presentations at BHIVA: COVID-19, PrEP in the UK, community involvement and more…

28th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2021) virtual

No differences in outcomes among women with and without HIV with high-risk pregnancies and COVID-19

Dolutegravir-based regimens safe and effective in pregnancy and postpartum

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